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Music subcategory that’s a vowel change from 8 Down Crossword Clue [Solved]

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Answer : ETA

eta – n 
the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet 

eta, etas – n 
a Greek letter Wordplays

More Clues

  • EMO Music subcategory that’s a vowel change from 8-Down
  • EMU Australian bird that’s a vowel change from 7-Down
  • LOUT Rowdy – with 27 in gradual change from 8 to 24 down
  • E T A ‘H’ that’s a vowel
  • INHABITS Lives in a vowel-change that restricts one
  • UMLAUT What mark over a vowel in Germanic languages indicates a vowel change?
  • C G I VFX subcategory
  • MOB The great unwashed could be from 8 down, for instance
  • S S E Dir. from 8-Down to Reno
  • LEONORA Vowel change in version of Eleanor from Ludwig
  • ASP Snake that you must banish from eight answers to make sense of their clues
  • PROPERTY USE “Primary residence” is a subcategory of this
  • O C T Mo. whose name derives from “eight”, oddly
  • ABLAUT Vowel change in related words
  • STUMPS Baffles (ABOUT THIS PUZZLE: If you saw the headline “Fiend Found!” you might instantly notice that, between the two words, only the vowels change – the consonants stay put. Okay, if you were me, you’d
  • WELSH Vowel shift partly evident in language
  • GEOPOLITICS News subcategory
  • SOUL Grammy subcategory of Gospel
  • TO SPEAK OF It’s worth mentioning to most of those from 8 down in a third of the yard? On the contrary!
  • I ASK “All _ _ of You” (Song from #8-Down)
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