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Ultradense galactic body Crossword Clue [Solved]

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Answer : GALAXY

galaxy is any of the billions of systems of stars and interstellar matter that make up the universe. Galaxies vary considerably in size, composition, structure, and activity, but nearly all are arranged in groups, or clusters, containing from a few galaxies to as many as 10,000. Each is composed of millions to trillions of stars; in many, as in the Milky Way Galaxy, nebulae can be detected. 

A large fraction of the bright galaxies in the sky are spiral galaxies, with a main disk in which spiral arms wind out from the center. The arms contain the greatest concentration of a spiral galaxy’s interstellar gas and dust, where stars can form. Surrounding the center (nucleus) is a large, usually nearly spherical nuclear bulge. Outside this and the disk is a sparse, more or less spherical galactic halo. In elliptical galaxies, which vary greatly in size, stars are distributed symmetrically in a spherical or spheroidal shape. Dwarf ellipticals (with only a few million stars) are by far the most common kind of galaxy, though none is conspicuous in the sky. Irregular galaxies, such as the Magellanic Clouds, are relatively rare. Radio galaxies are very strong sources of radio waves. Seyfert galaxies, with extremely bright nuclei, often emit radio waves and may be related to quasars.

More Clues

  • NEUTRON STAR Ultradense galactic body
  • GALAXY Astronomical body such as the Milky Way
  • COMET Astronomical body
  • BLACK HOLE Astronomical body
  • MOON Astronomical body that waxes and wanes
  • NEPTUNE Astronomical body after which element #93 is named
  • PLUTO Astronomical body that was reclassified from planet to dwarf planet status in 2006
  • DWARF STAR Astronomical body such as the red Proxima Centauri or the white Sirius B
  • MOONSET When astronomical body going down, doctor ready to act?
  • STARS Galactic bits
  • NEBULA Galactic mass
  • NUCLEI Galactic centers
  • MILKY Galactic, literally
  • URSA Galactic grizzly
  • STAR DATE Galactic log heading
  • INTER Prefix with “galactic”
  • AT AT The Galactic Empire’s “Imperial Walker”
  • SENATE Galactic _ (“Star Wars” setting)
  • ARDENT Keen galactic hitchhiker losing a day
  • ANTS Galactic Cowboys song about tiny insects?
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