DK Oyster Bar Scam (August 2022) Know The Latest Authentic Details!

DK Oyster Bar Scam (July 2022) Know The Latest Authentic Details!

Article DK Oyster Bar Scam gives the substantiates realities behind the Greek Island tricks with their set of experiences of cheating costs to clients.

Do you adore watching ocean side view on the Greek islands? Would you like to feel the Greek ocean breeze? Assuming this is the case, Mykonos is the best spot for that. It is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea, which is situated close to the United Kingdom. In any case, in some cases, these excursions can likewise prompt a trick. Here is the news story which gives the DK Oyster Bar Scam.

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The oyster bar

DK Oyster is an extravagance eatery situated on Platis Gialos ocean side in Mykonos, Greece. The locale is popular for its lavish lodgings and trick culture. As of late, an American family, Brenda Moulton, and her little girl Kaylea visited the bar. The family requested two mojitos and two crab legs, however the clam bar’s bill stunned them.

The bar cited a bill measure of 520.80 Euros for the dishes and 80 euros for the compulsory help charge, complete charge measure of 600 euro. At the point when the family began to uncover the trick, they compromised them. Thus, they whined about the bar for misleading and abuse.

DK Oyster Bar Mykonos

This shellfish bar is situated in the core of Mykonos-island. They even got an honor for their Mediterranean cooking. However, the pace of charge for every feast is extremely high, and it appears to be a trick. At the point when the American traveler attempted to uncover the extortion.

They forced the vacationers into taking care of the bill sum and coerced them by expressing that they wouldn’t be permitted to get back to their own nation in the event that they didn’t cover the bill sum. Presently the shellfish is under legal procedures of court.

Is the trick genuine?

The DK Oyster Bar Scam has alarmed numerous vacationers, and a portion of the previous casualties of the trick have begun to uncover the shellfish bar’s plan of estimating. Their plan of evaluating won’t be a straightforward one.

They charge no expenses for sunbeds, and have the befuddling valuing designs and add that add up to the food things without the information on the clients. Thus, they have been tricking their clients’ well deserved cash over a more broadened period. One more traveler had likewise fallen into the snare by purchasing six plates of calamari for 836 Euros.

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The previous scam history

This DK Oyster Bar Scam isn’t whenever numerous clients first have audited the trick idea of clam bars on the web. Likewise, in May, an American vacationer told the well known paper “day to day mail” that the clam bar had charged them 1640 euros for two primary courses with salad and bread.

At the point when they started to scrutinize the estimating, the specialists encompassed to startle them. This time, the mother and team didn’t simply cover the bill yet presented the trick to the world, and Moultons’ Lawyer Marizanna Kikiri is taking up this trick case.


The article DK Oyster Bar Scam gave current realities about the trick. Platis Gialos ocean side region is popular for its lavish inns and bars. Many individuals have remarked that this spot is a reproducing point for tricks, so to forestall that, past travelers have made a selective site called dkoysterscam to caution future vacationers about this spot.

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