Best locations to get high-tier loot on Storm Point in Apex Legends? (August 2022)

In Apex Legends Season 13, players will get to appreciate Ranked Battle Royale matches on the Storm Point map. The designers rolled out a few improvements to the guide, adding new POIs and areas to increase the matchups across all areas on Storm Point. While taking part in battle right off the bat in Ranked matches might not have a similar worth as in the past, players will go over rival crews while arriving at any of the great level plunder zones on this guide.

Best landing spots for Ranked matches on Storm Point in Apex Legends

The Ranked toil in Apex Legends Season 13 is drawn-out, unforgiving, and profoundly subject to endurance. Up to this point, we have figured out how to rank up to Platinum in Ranked BR, and strongly suggest players select a couple of POIs that they can drop at and shield without any problem. The accompanying POIs recorded underneath are high-level plunder zones, and that implies players can anticipate that different crews should land at these areas. Follow the yellow circles on the guide reference above to find these POIs without any problem.

Downed Beast

Brought down Beast is the new POI included Apex Legends Season 13. It was included during the occasional trailer and the plunder at this spot is first rate. In any case, the main issue with this region is that it draws in different crews, so be prepared for a battle when you land. We suggest players begin stealing from inside the buckle under the Downed Beast as it’s loaded with great plunder. You will likewise find numerous Evo Shields inside the cavern, and this area is ideal to get a brilliant weapon with completely kitted connections.

The Mill

The Mill has forever been a hot-drop area on Storm Point, and players can anticipate that few crews should land here for high-level plunder. The POI is split between two cone-molded structures which are not difficult to navigate across for Legends with flying capacities. Legends like Valkyrie, Horizon, Octane, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound flourish at this POI by exploiting its underlying model. We suggest players land straightforwardly on the plunder that is kept external the entryways of the two houses at The Mill.

Cenote Cave

Cenote Cave has turned into an extraordinary spot to land with your crew while playing Ranked Battle Royale in Apex Legends Season 13. It’s situated on the southwestern corner of the guide, and the region is normally sustained with mountains and rough designs all over. Players can anticipate that different crews should land at this spot, which is the reason we suggest arriving at a group of houses with your crew. In the event that you don’t track down a weapon or get dwarfed by rivals, take the Gravity Cannon situated on the eastern side of Cenote Cave to pivot towards the Barometer POI rapidly.

The Launchpad

The Launchpad is situated on the southeastern side of Storm Point, and it’s loaded with high-level plunder. There are three stretching regions where groups land to rapidly get plunder. Rather than arriving there, we suggest players land at the principal house in this POI. You can likewise utilize the zipline to get up on the rooftop region at The Launchpad. Get yourself a marksman weapon and begin breaking Evo Shields from a higher place.


Shipfall is one more staple POI on Storm Point known for high-level plunder in Apex Legends. This POI is split between three houses and a tremendous boat, and these two regions are associated by ziplines. The houses seldom have Evo Shields, and you can hope to participate in battle with adversaries around here. We prescribe players visit the boat straightforwardly to get the best plunder from the Shipfall POI. Fly straightforwardly under the boat, and plunder up prior to moving toward the houses. This POI frequently has Crafting Materials alongside a Survey Beacon.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod is situated on the northeastern corner of the guide, and this POI is in every case brimming with high-level plunder. Players can anticipate that a couple of crews should land at this spot since it’s a long way from the focal point of the guide. Notwithstanding, you will find no less than three crews arriving here at higher-positioned matches. Lightning Rod has plunder dissipated all over the POI, and there is a Gravity Cannon nearby to rapidly start revolutions. Additionally, there is an IMC Armory found south of this POI, and we prescribe players make an honest effort to outsider adversaries nearby.

Zenith Legends Season 13 elements an entirely different Ranked framework, and players are experiencing issues ascending the levels. Kill RP and Survival RP have another computation framework now, and players will track down most extreme worth in making due to the best 10 crews. The positioned mode has turned into an extreme drudgery, and we suggest players line in a three-player crew to have the best possibilities winning on Storm Point.

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