Kakegurui Twin, the high-stakes gambling spin-off series of Kakegurui, official release date revealed (August 2022) Complete Details!

Kakegurui Twin is a side project series of the hit anime, Kakegurui by Homura Kawamoto. The side project series will zero in on the hero Mary Saotome and depends on the famous manga serialized in Gangan Joker, which likewise runs the principal story. The manga for Kakegurui Twin started in 2015 and is as yet progressing.

As well as making Kakegurui Twin and Kakegurui, Homura Kawamoto is additionally known for his works Build Divide: Code Black, High Card, and Rengoku Dead Role.

Kakegurui Twin is set one year before the appearance of Yumeko Jabami at Hyakkao Private Academy. Mary Saotome is a standard, ordinary young lady who moves to the school and changes into an impulsive card shark.

Like Kakegurui, the individuals who dominate these high-stakes matches are compensated with a high societal position and uncommon advantages. Nonetheless, assuming you end up losing, your status is decreased to “house pet.” what’s more, you are compelled to do anything belittling assignments your cohorts request of you. For Mary, this is the absolute worst result. Mary’s just expectation is to make due, arrive at the top, and leave this school debtless. Be that as it may, she’ll need to utilize every single one of her abilities and brains to make it conceivable.

The authority declaration trailer uncovers the authority circulating date and what fanatics of Kakegurui can anticipate from Kakegurui Twin.

Notwithstanding the high-stakes betting, this series shows Mary’s drive to secure herself and why she despises the understudy chamber.

Minami Tanaka will voice the principal character in this side project series, Mary Saotome. Minami is additionally referred to for her jobs as Lily Hoshikawa from Zombieland Saga, Minami Katayama from Wake Up Girls! furthermore, Nako Sunao from Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu.

Kakegurui Twin will air on August 4, 2020, just on Netflix!

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