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South Korean Princes of Pop Crossword Clue August 2022 [Solved]

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  • B T S South Korean “Princes of Pop”
  • M J The Prince of Pop
  • IVAN Name of a number of grand princes of Moscow, the first reigning from around 1328- 40
  • ARCHDUKE Title used by princes of the Emperor of Austria from 1453-1919
  • BEELZEBUB In Christian demonology, one of the seven Princes of Hell
  • ELECTOR Former title of certain princes of the Holy RomanEmpire
  • SERENDIP “The Three Princes of ” (fairy tale)
  • RAJAS Princes of Punjab
  • RAJAHS Princes of India
  • AMEERS Princes of Araby
  • EMEERS Princes of the Middle East
  • ALI South Korean singer of “Let Me Say First”
  • P S Y South Korean rapper of “Gangnam Style”
  • KIM South Korean president, who said that Korean unity could be decades away
  • R O H Former South Korean president — Tae Woo
  • DAE Kim — Jung (South Korean president since 1997)
  • HEE Park Chung (South Korean dictator)
  • WON South Korean cash
  • I R I South Korean city
  • KIA South Korean auto company

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