All Character Hyper Strike Abilities in Mario Strikers: Battle League (July 2022)

Mario Strikers: Battle League joins the Mushroom Kingdom, soccer, and wild fights into one outrageous game. One of the most amped-up encounters is playing out a Hyper Strike. As each character has their own Hyper Strike, you may be pondering every one of the Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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All Mario Strikers: Battle League Character Hyper Strikes

Each character plays out a special Hyper Strike, yet you should get a Strike Orb before you can utilize this capacity. Here are character’s Hyper Strike capacities in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario – Fire Cyclone

Mario performs a backflip, kicking the ball and igniting it. It spirals to the goal, blasting through opponents on the way.

Luigi – Spin Tornado

Luigi spins rapidly and strikes the ball, sending it in a cyclone to the goal. Any opponent caught in its path will be swept away.

Peach – Dance of Hearts

Peach cartwheels and throws the ball into the air before kicking it, sending it spiraling down the field. Any opponent in its way will be caught up in a need to dance.

Bowser – Flame Cannon

Bowser lights the ball on fire with his flame breath and launches it towards the goal. Those caught in its path will be in for a fiery surprise.

Toad – Drill Smash

Toad gathers up friends and launches into the air before delivering a powerful header. The ball burrows underground and slams into the goal.

Yoshi – Egg Stomp

Yoshi swallows the ball and lays an egg before kicking it straight up. A powerful ground pound sends the ball back to the ground, where it will bounce toward the goal.

Donkey Kong – Banana Blast

Donkey Kong eats a banana and tosses the ball high into the sky. A powerful spike sends the ball crashing toward the goal in a movement path that resembles a banana.

Wario – Electric Ricochet

Wario showcases his moves before delivering a mighty ground pound on the ball. It bounces off the stadium before heading towards the goal.

Waluigi – Thorn Barrier

Waluigi kicks up the ball and places a rose in his mouth. After performing some moves, he kicks the ball and traps opponents in thorny cages as the ball heads toward the goal.

Rosalina – Orbital Burst

Rosalina sends the ball into outer space, where it orbits a planet before heading back to the stadium. Here, she kicks the ball and sends it racing toward the goal.

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