How to get Noble Grapes in Final Fantasy XIV – Gathering, crafting, harvesting method (July 2022) Exciting Details!


Respectable Grapes are an early level creating material for the Culinarian work. Notwithstanding, they can’t be bought from sellers. Thus, you’ll need to go out into Eorzea and track down your own wellspring of Noble Grapes. This is the way to get Noble Grapes in Final Fantasy XIV.

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The most easy method to track down Noble Grapes in FFXIV

Honorable Grapes are reaped from Oakwood in Upper La Noscea (X: 15.1, Y 23.9). You’ll have to take the Ferry from Bronze Lake or travel from Western or Outer La Noscea on the off chance that you don’t have traveling to arrive. Honorable Grapes are Harvested from Level 24 Lush Vegetation Patches. They’re likewise found with Pixie Plums, Sticky Rice, Earth Shards, and Camomile. There’s likewise a unique opportunity to find the Hidden thing Pixie Plum Seeds from these hubs.

Gathering location for Noble Grapes in Final Fantasy XIV

The following is a guide of the places where Noble Grapes can be Harvested in Upper La Noscea.

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Buying Noble Grapes on the Market Board

On the off chance that you can’t accumulate your own, you can constantly buy Noble Grapes from the Market Board. They will cost anyplace between a solitary Gil to 100 Gil relying upon the interest in your server. In any case, they will not typically be substantially more costly than that.

Items crafted from Noble Grapes in FFXIV

Grape Juice

  • 3 Noble Grapes
  • 2 Fire Shards
  • 1 Water Shard

(This recipe makes three Grape Juice)

Dark Vinegar

  • 4 Noble Grapes
  • 3 Fire Shards

(This recipe makes three Dark Vinegar)

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