June 2019 Geometry Regents Answers (22/June/2022) Know The Complete Details!


Peruse data connected with June 2019 Geometry Regents Answers, June 2017 and January 2022 solutions for your reference.

NYS holds Regents Exams in the United States to grant secondary school certificates to understudies. Did you had at least some idea that an understudy finishes the Regents Exam assuming he scores 65% or more? An understudy should clear five Exams that incorporate ELA, any maths exam(that has the choice of Geometry), any friendly, any science and an extra Regents Exam.

In June, web search tools are overwhelmed with Regents Exam deals with training purposes. We should check June 2019 Geometry Regents Answers.

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About Exam Pattern and Results:

We will actually want to give you replies to different decision inquiries from Part-1. To know the clarification and exposition deals with June 2017 Regents Exam, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the beneath joins:


Calculation Regents Exam June 2017 Part-1 Answers:

  • 1Q) Sol. 2
  • 2Q) Sol.3
  • 3Q) Sol. 3
  • 4Q) Sol. 4
  • 5Q) Sol. 4
  • 6Q) Sol. 3
  • 7Q) Sol.1
  • 8Q) Sol. 2
  • 9Q) Sol. 2
  • 10Q) Sol. 2
  • 11Q) Sol. 4
  • 12Q) Sol.1
  • 13Q) Sol. 1
  • 14Q) Sol. 3
  • 15Q) Sol. 2
  • 16Q) Sol.1
  • 17Q) Sol. 4
  • 18Q) Sol.1
  • 19Q) Sol. 2
  • 20Q) Sol. 2
  • 21Q) Sol.4
  • 22Q) Sol. 3
  • 23Q) Sol.3
  • 24Q) Sol. 2

June 2017 Geometry Regents Answers and Topics:

There will be 35 inquiries in four segments. Section 1 has 24 numerous decision inquiries for 2 focuses each, Part-2 has 7 short reactions for 2 focuses each, Part-3 has medium reactions of 4 focuses each, and Part-4 has 1 long reaction for 6 places. How about we see Regents Answers in the underneath segments.

The subjects shrouded in the test are Circles, Congruence, Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations, Geometric Measurement and Dimensions, Modeling with Geometry, Right Triangles, Similarity and Trigonometry. The paper is for a sum of 80 places. An understudy needs to get 52 focuses to drop.

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June 21 2019 Geometry Regents Answers:

  • To know the clarification and exposition deals with serious consequences regarding the 21st June 2019 Regents Exam, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the beneath joins:

Officials Exam Part-1 Answers:

  • 1Q) Sol. 4
  • 2Q) Sol. 3
  • 3Q) Sol. 2
  • 4Q) Sol. 4
  • 5Q) Sol. 1
  • 6Q) Sol. 2
  • 7Q) Sol. 2
  • 8Q) Sol. 4
  • 9Q) Sol. 2
  • 10Q) Sol.1
  • 11Q) Sol.1
  • 12Q) Sol.3
  • 13Q) Sol.3
  • 14Q) Sol.4
  • 15Q) Sol.2
  • 16Q) Sol. 2
  • 17Q) Sol. 2
  • 18Q) Sol. 1
  • 19Q) Sol. 4
  • 20Q) Sol. 4
  • 21Q) Sol. 2
  • 22Q) Sol. 4
  • 23Q) Sol. 3
  • 24Q) Sol. 3

The solutions for Part-1 January 2022 Geometry Regents Answers are right now inaccessible. In any case, you will actually want to get to deals with any consequences regarding Part-2, Part-3 and Part-4 by getting to


Insights about the timetable, scoring design and other related data can be gotten to on In Part 1, just numerous decision questions are available. Thus, halfway scores are not designated. Simultaneously, as Part – 2, Part – 3 and Part – 4 contain composed replies, halfway scoring is apportioned in light of the accuracy of your responses.

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