How to Fix Google Play Store Refund Request Denied or Rejected Issue? (July 2022) Easy Solution!

Buying an application or buying into an in-application administration on Google Play Store is only a couple of snaps away. You can introduce and appreciate utilizing a new application as it emerges or purchases an application you generally need to download. However, imagine a scenario in which you unintentionally made an application buy on Google Play Store. Might you at any point have the money in question returned for it?

Luckily, Google gives a discount for specific unintentional buys. However long your solicitation is unquestionable and sensible, numerous clients have the money in question returned on their application buys. Notwithstanding, a few clients say their Google Play Store discount demand got denied or dismissed.

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For what reason Can’t I Get a Refund on Google Play Store?

There are various purposes behind Google Play not to discount your buy. You might generally disapprove of your installment data or didn’t check it. In certain cases, buys are non-refundable. If you have any desire to have the money in question returned from Google Play, you likewise need to follow up on the solicitation soon in any case, there is a more noteworthy possibility of problem and difficulties.

Google likewise offers verification on Google Play Store to forestall unintentional buys. In any case, assuming you switched off the verification, almost certainly, Google will deny or dismiss your discount demand. As per Google, they can’t give a discount to clients in the event that they disclosed everything or installment subtleties to another person, misuse their strategies, or don’t utilize confirmation to safeguard their record.

Instructions to Resolve Google Play Store Refund Request Denied or Rejected Error

Assuming that you are experiencing difficulty with your Google Play discount, you can attempt to investigate it with a few arrangements underneath.

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Arrangement #1 – Check your Authentication Settings on Google Play Store

Note that Google won’t handily give a discount in the event that the validation isn’t empowered on your Google Play Store account.

  • Send off the Google Play Store application.
  • Tap your profile symbol.
  • Explore to Settings.
  • Select Authentication.
  • Go to Require Authentication for Purchases.
  • Presently, turn it on.

Arrangement #2 – Uninstall the Paid App

In the event that you introduced the application on your gadget, you want to uninstall it to return the money in question. Google won’t discount an application bought introduced on the gadget.

Arrangement #3 – Contact Google Play Store

  • Send off any internet browser and go to
  • Fill in the subtleties expected to send your report to Google Play Store.

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