All Commands and Cheats in Raft (August 2022) Latest Updates!

Assuming you are searching for exemplary cheats and orders that you can use in Raft, there are none. To put it plainly, there were once orders and cheats that players could use in past renditions of Raft. Be that as it may, as the game advanced in its turn of events, the two cheats and comands were eliminated from the game. Notwithstanding, players can in any case get cheats in the event that they mod the game, so this is the way to get cheats by modding Raft.

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Instructions to download and introduce mods for Raft

To download mods for Raft, you want to visit the Raft modding local area webpage and download the Modlauncher. You can download the Modlauncher by clicking Download Modlauncher on the site. When the Modlauncher downloads, double tap the exe and let it run and introduce. Subsequently, you can download mods and toss them into the mod envelope to use in Raft.

Best cheat mods for Raft

We suggest downloading Item Spawner and KUtility if you have any desire to have swindles in Raft once more. The two mods permit clients to have capacities and capabilities like the cheats that were once in the game.

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How to use Item Spawner in Raft

Thing Spawner empowers clients to bring forth things, like instruments, assets, and adversaries. To utilize Item Spawner subsequent to introducing it, you should press the F8 key in the game. In the wake of squeezing F8, the Item Spawner menu will show up, and from the menu, you can generate any things you need in Raft.

How to use Kutility in Raft

To involve KUtility in Raft, you really want to press K+U or U+K. Doing so will make an order menu for the mod show up. Inside this menu, players can empower orders like Godmode, Flymode, and even change the climate. A few orders will likewise make it more straightforward to open all characters in Raft. All things considered, here’s the full rundown of orders KUtility awards:

  • No Oxygen
  • No Food
  • No Thirst
  • No Sharks 
  • No Seagulls 
  • Force Anchor
  • Raft Stability
  • Enable Developer Cheats
  • Fly Mode
  • Change Weather

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