How to get a Timeworn Crimson Horn in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak? (August 2022) Latest Updates!

Sunbreak has come to Monster Hunter Rise and it’s brought a large group of beasts, old and new, with it. One of these new nasties is experienced right off the bat and ends up being an incredible test. For those keen on creating the Daimyo Hermitaur’s full set, you’ll require a Timeworn Crimson Horn. So how can one gain this vital piece?

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MHR Sunbreak – where to track down Timeworn Crimson Horn

The tricky Timeworn Crimson Horn can be seen as simply by catching the Daimyo Hermitaur or by breaking its shell utilizing an unpolished weapon like the Hammer or Hunting Horn. We suggest going the course of breaking the shell as there is a 90% opportunity for the Timeworn Crimson Horn to drop. In any case, catching it offers a measly 10% possibility.

There are several approaches to breaking this shell, which is simply the skull of another animal. One is to have the Partbreaker Skill prepared through gear like The Bone Helm, Rathalos Mail, and Narwa’s Pauldrons. In any case, preparing the Destroyer Jewel 2 will confer a similar impact without expecting to wear shoddy stuff into a Master Rank chase.

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