How to get the Noob Marker in Roblox Find the Markers? (August 2022) Latest Updates!

While Find the Markers might seem like simply one more forager chase style insight, it really offers a seriously multifaceted guide, with in excess of a modest bunch of moving mysteries to find. One of these mysteries, the Noob Marker, is the thing we’ll cover in the short aide underneath, so keep perusing to find out more!

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Finding the Noob Marker

To open the Noob Marker, you’ll have to know your player ID. Assuming you’re new to player IDs and need assistance tracking down yours, look at the short diagrams underneath. Assuming you as of now have your player ID, go ahead and avoid ahead to Unlocking the Noob Marker.

What is a player ID?

A player ID fills in as a type of ID that is well defined for your record and its data — on the grounds that no other person can have a similar player ID as you, it’s an extraordinary method for separating yourself from different players. There are likewise thing IDs, bunch IDs, and experience IDs that all fill a comparable need. These IDs are essentially a mathematical username that exist behind the scenes of your record.

How would I track down my player ID?

To find your player ID, you’ll should be on the Roblox site. This implies that you can’t acquire your player ID utilizing the versatile or Xbox application. Once on the Roblox site, make a beeline for your profile by tapping on the three lines in the upper left corner and choosing the symbol of your Roblox character. From your profile, find the location bar over the real site’s window — it ought to offer something almost identical to The nine digit number that is embedded previously/profile is your one of a kind player ID.

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Opening the Noob Marker

Since it has become so obvious where to track down your player ID, record on paper or retain each of its nine digits. Then, join Find the Markers and find the house presented underneath close to the Candyland region of the guide.

Enter this house and use the stairs to reach the second floor. On this floor should be a small kitchen with a microwave.

Approach the microwave and hold E to interact with it. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to enter your player ID using the microwave’s buttons. After entering your player ID, press the green GO button.

If you’ve typed in your player ID correctly, the keypad will say SUCCESS and the fireplace behind you will open, revealing the location of the Noob Marker!

To claim this marker, simply walk up to it and touch it.

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