How to Get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2? (August 2022) Latest Details!

Legendary Shards are an essential material in Destiny 2 and can be utilized to purchase Enhancement Prisms from Master Rahool and reacquire lost weapons and defensive layer from the Collections tab. Unbelievable Shards are likewise used to purchase strike flags from Suraya Hawthorne.

In the wake of loading up on Glimmer or purchasing Legacy Gear from the Monument to Lost Lights, exhausting your hold of Legendary Shards is simple. How would you get more?

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How to Get Legendary Shards

The simplest method for acquiring Legendary Shards is by destroying hardware in your stock. Destroying Legendary weapons and protective layer concedes the player three Legendary Shards, while Exotic weapons and covering give five Legendary Shards. This standard additionally applies for Legendary Ships and Sparrows. Unbelievable Shards can likewise be acquired from specific positions of the Season Pass.

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