How to View your Participants while Presenting in Google Meet Meeting? (August 2022) Know About The Latest Update!

At the point when you want to give a thought in a gathering your collaborators or understudies however you can’t genuinely show up for it, Google Meet is a superb choice. With its elements to give a virtual gathering room, you can do your show on a whiteboard. You could utilize your personal computer, PC, or cell phone to introduce in a Google Meet video meeting.

Tragically, there is one test while facilitating a virtual show while videoconferencing. You can’t see your members assuming that you really want to see your internet based show. Doing a show may not generally be successful on the moderators’ part on the off chance that they can’t see the crowd. There is no association, and it might make an ungainliness that will influence the general show.

Is there a method for survey your members and understudies or crowds during a Google Meet show video gathering or class? Allow us to look at the ways underneath.

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Various Methods to View and See All your Participants or Students in Google Meet while Presenting in a Video Meeting

There are a few choices you can do to see your crowd while introducing through Google Meet. You can look at them each in turn and see which one will work for you better.

Method #1 – Reduce the Sizes of Each Window to Fit the Screen

A typical method for seeing both your show and members is to fit the two windows on your screen. It helps on the off chance that you utilize a wide screen on your PC. Yet, in the event that you utilize your cell phone or PC, may not be the smartest thought.

Change the spans of every window by hauling the bolt on the sides. You can overlay a pieces of the windows to make them greater.

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Method #2 – Use a Second Monitor

In the event that you have an extra screen at home or in your office, you can connect it to your PC or PC as an expansion. It implies that you can stretch out your screen to the subsequent screen and not as a way to copy it.

  • Subsequent to associating your subsequent screen, send off the Settings menu.
  • Select System.
  • Go to Display.
  • Explore to Multiple Displays.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select Extend these showcases.
  • Click Keep changes.
  • Presently, drag your Google Meet tab to your subsequent screen.

Method #3 – Join in a Second Device in your Google Meet Meeting

On the off chance that fitting the two windows on your screen and not having a subsequent screen doesn’t work, you can join the gathering two times utilizing a subsequent gadget. You can utilize your most memorable gadget to introduce in the gathering, while the subsequent gadget will act as a screen to see every one of the members.

  • To join a second gadget in the Google Meet video meeting, produce a greeting code.
  • Join the video gathering by means of your subsequent gadget utilizing the produced code.
  • Presently, you can utilize two gadgets to assist you with review everybody, as well as your show.

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