How does the Sunfire Jean Reaction work in Genshin Impact? (August 2022) Exciting Details!

Genshin Impact’s battle framework includes blending and matching Elements, making interesting Reactions that increment your general harm yield. As new foes with irritating mechanics are delivered in the game, players track down imaginative ways of overcoming them in record time.

While not an authority Reaction, Sunfire is a term instituted by the local area to allude with the impact of an Anemo character continually utilizing the Swirl Reaction to reapply Pyro. This impact is one of a kind to Bennett and a couple of Anemo characters, the most well known being Jean, with Kazuha as a nearby second (despite the fact that their specialists are somewhat unique). It’s one of the most straightforward ways of breaking safeguards — particularly Electro safeguards from adversaries like the Abyss Lector, Raiden Shogun Weekly Boss, and that’s just the beginning.

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How does Sunfire work in Genshin Impact?

To make Sunfire, you really want to join Bennett and Jean’s Elemental Bursts. This is on the grounds that the two of them hold a similar interesting property:

  • Bennett’s Elemental Burst — permeates characters inside its AoE with Pyro.
  • Jean’s Elemental Burst — permeates characters inside its AoE with Anemo.

Practically speaking, you’d initially drop Bennett’s Elemental Burst, which applies Pyro to the on-field character. Then, you’d drop Jean’s Elemental Burst, which applies Anemo to the on-field character. Pyro and Anemo trigger the Swirl Reaction, which is the reason for making Sunfire. However, what makes the Sunfire mix special is that it makes an impact wherein the Pyro is continually being Swirled inside the span of their Elemental Bursts.

At the point when you draw near enough to the adversary, the Pyro will Swirl onto it, managing harm and breaking safeguards. Jean is an astounding decision for making Sunfire, as her Elemental Burst Swirls extremely quick, permitting Pyro to reapply each two or so seconds.

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How to build Bennett and Jean to create Sunfire in Genshin Impact

Bennett can be outfitted with his standard help construct, however attempt to raise his Attack and Energy Recharge as high as conceivable to build his Burst’s uptime. Hold back nothing percent Energy Recharge, with some space for error to go less assuming that you have Raiden Shogun in the group.

In the mean time, outfit Jean with a four-piece Viridescent Venerer put with an energy into expanding her Elemental Mastery. Twirl exceptionally scales off a person’s level and Elemental Mastery, so it’s energetically prescribed to even out Jean up to 90 to build her harm yield. Zeroing in on Attack isn’t required, as the numbers will come from your Elemental Mastery stacks. Furthermore, attempt to likewise build Jean’s Energy Recharge to around 200% to expand her Burst’s uptime — once more, with some space for error to diminish on the off chance that you have a battery like Raiden Shogun.

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Best teams for triggering the Sunfire Jean Reaction

There are a lot of choices for setting off Sunfire Jean, as you just truly need to keep up with Bennett and Jean in the party. Notwithstanding, the most famous group for this Reaction is Xingqiu, Raiden Shogun, Bennett, and Jean — a blend generally known to Overvape. In the first place, use Raiden and Xingqiu’s Elemental Skills to apply Electro and Hydro, then circle back to Bennett and Jean’s Bursts to set off Sunfire. The steady Pyro application will respond with the current Electro and Hydro, managing three Reactions simultaneously: Overload, Vaporize, and Electro-Charged.

Moreover, Sunfire can be utilized to enhance existing famous combos. For example, the Melt Ganyu group is famous for not utilizing Ganyu’s Elemental Burst, as it could set off Melt instead of her Charged Attack. Accordingly, you pass up the 20% Cryo Damage reward from her Burst. In any case, with Sunfire, the Pyro applies so frequently that you can continue to set off Melt through Charged Attacks, even with Ganyu’s Burst dynamic.

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