How to free the caged Seelie and find all Metal Keys in Jinren Island in Genshin Impact? (August 2022) Exciting Details!

Genshin Impact’s Jinren Island is a little region invade by Kairagi, found north of Narukami Island. You can arrive by crossing the oceans utilizing the Waverider. In the bigger piece of the island, you could see a confined Seelie dangling from a bluff. Liberating it and driving it to the Seelie Post will remunerate you with a Common Chest.

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Where to find the confined Seelie in Jinren Island in Genshin Impact

Go to the bigger islet on Jinren Island. On the right half of the bluff (confronting southwest), admire find a Seelie caught in an enclosure. You really want to utilize a Metal Key to free the Seelie and lead it to its Post, which is found marginally to one side. There’s one more enclosure at the opposite side of the bluff that you can in like manner open with a Metal Key to get an Enigmatic Page.

The Seelie is found very high up and is difficult to arrive at even with Venti’s Burst. To arrive at the Seelie, ascend the rope stepping stool on side of the bluff where the bolt is pointing in the picture above, then skim down from the highest point of the opposite side to collaborate with the enclosure to open it and arrive at the Seelie. Recollect that you want to connect with the Seelie for it to follow you descending.

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Where to find Metal Key in Genshin Impact

There are four Metal Keys dispersed across Jinren Island, however you just have to utilize one to free the Seelie. The following are the areas of the Metal Keys. Keep an eye out for gleaming Investigate spots to show their areas.

The Metal Keys underneath are numbered to keep count however they can be asserted in any request. On the off chance that you’ve never investigated Jinren Island, we suggest getting the Metal Keys #1 and #2 as they’re right close to the Seelie Post.

  • Metal Key #1: Located west of the Seelie Post.
  • Metal Key #2: Located east of the Seelie Post.
  • Metal Key #3: Located on the other side of the cliff, southeast of the larger islet.
  • Metal Key #4: Located on the smaller islet in Jinren Island (the same area as the Teleport Waypoint).

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