How to unlock Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile? (August 2022) Exciting Details!

In Apex Legends Mobile, players will get to play with a couple of versatile select Legends, and one of them is Rhapsody. This new Legend was prodded in the Season 2 Distortion trailer, and players can now open this person in-game. This is the way you can open this new Legend rapidly in Apex Legends Mobile.

The most easy method to open Rhapsody for free in Apex Legends Mobile

You can open Rhapsody for nothing by crushing the game and gathering Rhapsody Pieces from the Battle Pass. Players will require around 10 Rhapsody Pieces to open this Legend for nothing, and these Pieces are accessible on different levels as free awards in the Battle Pass.

  • Level 1 – 2 Rhapsody Pieces
  • Level 9 – 2 Rhapsody Pieces
  • Level 13 – 2 Rhapsody Pieces
  • Level 17 – 2 Rhapsody Pieces
  • Level 25 – 2 Rhapsody Pieces

Players should arrive at level 25 in the Battle Pass rapidly by finishing all the Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal difficulties. You can really open Rhapsody for nothing by gathering all the 10 Rhapsody Pieces. On the other hand, players can straightforwardly buy the Legend for 750 Apex Coins to immediately open her.

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All Rhapsody capacities in Apex Legends Mobile

  • Passive Ability – Gifted Ear: Rhapsody picks up sound visualizations from an extended range
  • Tactical Ability – Hype Anthem: Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and restores shields. Taking damage will automatically end this ability
  • Ultimate Ability– Rowdy’s Rave: Rowdy, Rhapsody’s little bot friend, produces a wall of flashing lights that block incoming sights and scans

Rhapsody’s musical capacities are intended to confound the adversary while offering compelling help for colleagues. Her capacities are vigorously group situated, and it will be fascinating to perceive how Rhapsody works with a new meta in every one of the game modes.

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