How to stop BitLife from crashing on Android and iPhone? (August 2022) Latest Authentic Details!

BitLife could be crashing on your telephone in light of multiple factors. Fortunately, you can fix whatever is making BitLife crash on your telephone by following a bunch of investigating steps. All things considered, if you need to fix BitLife crashing on your telephone, first check that the game is completely refreshed. You can check assuming BitLife is completely refreshed by going to its page on either the Apple or Google Play Store.

In the event that BitLife isn’t refreshed, you ought to see a choice to refresh the game. Update the game and sit tight for the download to finish. When the download gets done, BitLife ought to send off as would be expected. In any case, on the off chance that BitLife actually crashes even after the update, we prescribe restarting your telephone and attempting to reinstall BitLife or checking whether you are feeling the loss of a System Update for your telephone. Assuming none of those means work, you should have a go at clearing BitLife’s information and store.

Instructions to clear BitLife Data and Cache

To clear BitLife’s information and reserve on your telephone, you should open its App data page. For Andriod clients, you can do this by pushing down on BitLife’s symbol until an App Info page shows up. Click App Info, and you can clear both BitLife’s information and reserve by tracking down the Storage and Cache choice. Under Storage and Cache, you should click both Clear stockpiling and Clear reserve. Presently, for iOS clients, you should open Settings on your telephone. then track down the Apps choice.

Under Apps, you want to click Manage Apps and find BitLife from the rundown of choices. Click BitLife and open its App data page and snap Storage. Under Storage, you can clear the two information and reserve on iOS by tapping the Clear Data choice. All things considered, in the wake of clearing the two information and reserve on iOS or Andoird, restart your telephone, and BitLife will quit crashing when you send off it next.

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