How to unlock the Hoplite Armor in MHR Sunbreak? (August 2022) Easy Way!

Gathering and making armor is center to the Monster Hunter Rise insight, and Sunbreak is the same in such manner. Notwithstanding, probably the most great looking and performing sets are locked behind the new Follower Quests. The Heavy Knight Set is one of those specifically that Gunlance and Charge Blade mains will need to seek after.

Where to find the Hoplite Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

To procure the Hoplite Armor, which is important for the Heavy Knight Set, trackers should finish four of Arena Master Arlow’s Follower Quests. These chases are serious stuff, so trackers will need to get ready likewise for each chase, in case they be trucked right away.

  • M3: Enshrined Resentment
    • Rewards Royal Order’s Bludgeon
  • M4: Dust off Those Hunting Boots
    • Rewards Royal Order’s Pledge
  • M4: Moonlit Espinascapade
    • Unlocks Arlow for Support Surveys
  • M4: Unknown Invader
    • Rewards the Heavy Knight Set

The Heavy Knight Set is an amalgamation of armor from various creatures. Hoplite Armor can be crafted with the following materials:

  • 16,000z
  • Royal Order Certificate II x1
  • Ceanataur Hardclaw x2
  • Monster Slogbone x1
  • Caked Stiffbone x1

Heavy Knight Set Skills

  • Guard UpArtillery
  • Load Shells
  • Guard
  • Offensive Guard
  • Razor Sharp
  • Quick Sheathe

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