Reaper 2 Season 1 Update Log and Patch Notes (August 2022) Latest Details!

The Roblox Reaper 2 update has been delivered that brings new happy, changes, and bug fixes to the game!

Roblox Reaper 2 has gotten the new Season 1 update to the game on July fourth, 2022! It incorporates an assortment of new happy, adjusting, and bug fixes that ought to work on the nature of the game.

  • Revamps
  • Tensa Zangetsu updates for Z and X
  • Senbonzakura Kageyoshi latent/B move – Shukei
  • Battle Penalty has been taken out; you never again lose cash or exp subsequent to signing in battle. You actually lose otherworldly standing on the off chance that you kick the bucket in battle.

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Season 1 Ranked

  • Prologue to Clothing Skins + Bow Skin

BP has been reset; Season 0 prizes are presently ridiculous.

New SR clothing (more to come)


Soul reaper:

  • Give Skewer (Senbonzakura Bankai’s X Skill) Hyper protective layer
  • Make Hell Wave (Zanka’s z) Blockable
  • Change Zanka’s inactive so it no longer consumes your rival when you get hit
  • Diminish walk speed (not run speed) of vizard to 5% walkspeed at no authority, and 15% walkspeed at max dominance
  • Vizard’s Heal cooldown expanded radically to keep individuals from slowing down and once again mending with it (1 moment – > 10 minutes)
  • Diminish wellbeing channel of Hakka no Togame (ice bankai) of all moves by 25%.
  • Expanded mode channel for Akuma No Arano from 30% to half
  • Decrease Akuma no Arano m2 daze
  • Revamp Nozarashi’s “Courage” Passive: Gain a 15% safeguard reward when Shikai is dynamic

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  • Increment Segunda “Cero Oscuras” (Z) compact disc by 8 seconds
  • Decline Segunda “Latigo” (X) harm by half
  • Increment Segunda “Latigo” (X) compact disc by 5 seconds
  • Decline Murcielago “Kurai Tsubasa” harm by 25%
  • Lessen Santa Teresa “Tirar de la Cadena” (Z) windup by half
  • Increment Santa Teresa “Tirar de la Cadena” (Z) range by 10%
  • Make Santa Teresa “Steady strikes” (C) starting get completely paralyze (evidently it doesn’t?)
  • Decrease Santa Teresa “Steady strikes” (C) harm by 30%.


  • Add hyper protective layer to “Sprenger”
  • Increment reiatsu by 20.
  • Increment “Blut Vein” protection from 20% to 40%; increment channel by 15%.
  • buff “Sprenger” base harm 2 – > 3
  • Change Hp to 1000 for Quincy


  • increment Brazo “Grua Tirar” (Z) album by 10 seconds

Impending: New Segunda X move, Aizen

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Bugs Fixed

  • 2x money doesn’t deal with the 1.5k you get from topping off so bar past max level
  • Nozarashi shikai soul bugs out of the guide when you utilize X on it
  • Counter Moves no longer freezes while countering a freezing move.
  • Resetting expertise focuses will eliminate bogus passing from your stock
  • Utilizing Renewal to counter a Menos step messes with the menos
  • Primero Gun X move’s hitbox has been changed in accordance with be more exact.
  • New Ragdoll framework
  • Decreases ragdoll managed, nerfing combos.
  • Ought to fix hurling of Shikai or Bankai soul.
  • Fixes the visual error of players showing up sideways or topsy turvy.
  • Ought to fix falling through maps.
  • Pantera moves impacts once in a while for all time wait even after the capacity is finished
  • Evade Shun Rikka’s safeguard no longer reflects in the wake of being annihilated.
  • Akuma no Arano can’t mend endlessly
  • Players at times become sideways and additionally topsy turvy (no hint how except for it simply works out). This is just a visual bug on other’s screens
  • You can utilize Voltstanding without being in change. The capacity won’t work yet it’ll put it on compact disc
  • Blender sound persistently plays even after the capacity is finished
  • Rolling your shikai will change your spirit hubs over completely to ability focuses
  • Ragdolling a Santa Teresa (both changed and untransformed) or a Nozarashi on the water will excursion or error them out
  • Haien and bala additional excursion
  • Request (Bankai Wabisuke Grab) Flinging individuals under guide and one shotting
  • Overwhelm (Base Wabisuke C) Flinging individuals under guide and one shotting also
  • Skyline Slash (Katen Shikai’s X) Flinging individuals Absurdly on hit
  • Dominated Swordsman not compelling Quincy bow to trade to saber mode
  • MultiHit abilities kill npcs on numerous occasions

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