Raft – Tangaroa Tower Code and Puzzle Walkthrough (August 2022) Latest Details!

Players are expected to tackle the Raft Tangaroa Tower Code puzzle to finish the Tangaroa Tower part of the game. The riddle includes a keypad connected to a raft that the player needs to send off. To send off the raft, the player should sort out the code to the keypad. All things considered, this is the way to get the Tangaroa Tower keypad code and address the riddle.

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How to solve the Tangaroa Tower Code Puzzle

To tackle the Tangaroa Tower code, you want to sort out the right code that opens the keypad at the highest point of the primary pinnacle on Tangaroa island. Fortunately, sorting out the riddle is simple once you arrive at the highest point of the pinnacle. So, you should open up your diary and view a note that portrays a couple of images and records road names. The note portrays a few areas on the island in the accompanying request:

  • VR Arcade
  • Burger Restaurant
  • Barber Shop
  • Clothing Store

Each of the four areas recorded above will have a number recorded on the structure. Taking every one of the four numbers you can find will give you 4813 as the code to the keypad. Return this code to the highest point of the fundamental pinnacle, and you will actually want to enter it to send off the raft.

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Where to find the Tangora Tower Code Puzzle

To find the Tangaroa Tower puzzle, players need to enter the principal tower on Tangaroa Island. You can get to the fundamental pinnacle by utilizing the manor lift in the wake of fixing it. Subsequent to fixing the lift, you can arrive at a roof and utilize a zip line to get to the Main Tower. On the highest level is where you will find the Tangaroa Tower Code Puzzle.

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