Where to find Pale Ore in Hollow Knight? (August 2022) Latest Details!

Hollow Knight offers the player numerous courses and assets on the most proficient method to finish the game. You are to some degree allowed to pick your course and accumulate materials, charms, redesigns, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. One asset you will need to watch out for is Pale Ore, as it will make your life a lot more straightforward. This might leave you pondering where to find Pale Ore and what it really does in Hollow Knight.

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The most easy way to get Pale Ore in Hollow Knight

There are six bits of Pale Ore to gather in Hollow Knight. This is the way to get all Pale Ore.

  • Ancient Basin
    • Defeat two lesser Mawleks west of the Tram near the main entrance.
  • Resting Grounds
    • Collect 300 Essence with the Dream Nail and speak to the Seer.
  • Crystal Peak
    • Located in the pedestal of the Radiance Statue at Hallownest’s Crown (the Mantis Claw, Monarch Wings, and Crystal Heart are recommended before collecting this Pale Ore).
  • Deepnest
    • In a hidden room behind a wall in Nosk’s lair west of the Hot Spring.
  • Forgotten Crossroads
    • Speak to the Grubfather after rescuing 31 Grubs.
  • Kingdom’s Edge
    • Complete the Trial of the Conqueror in the Colosseum of Fools.

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All Pale Ore Locations in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Pale Ore Locations

Go to the areas set apart on the guide above to gather every one of the six Pale Ore. Ensure you meet the necessities prior to heading there, or you should return. Here are Hollow Knight Pale Ore areas.

How to manage Pale Ore in Hollow Knight

In the event that you were thinking about how to manage Pale Ore once you find it, you should give it to the Nailsmith to redesign your Nail. You can overhaul your Nail multiple times, with the first being free and each progressive time requiring extra Pale Ore. Updating the Knight’s Nail is pivotal to expanding your harm yield.

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