Clash Royale Tier List (August 2022) All cards ranked

In Clash Royale, players will get to browse 107 cards to fabricate a deck and duel rivals in-game. While certain Cards are situationally valuable, others are overwhelmed and match well with various unique case Troops, Buildings, and Spells in the game. Normally, players are curious to be aware of the best Cards in the game, and the accompanying level rundown ought to help in deck building.

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Clash Royale Best Cards Tier List

SCannon Cart, Skeleton Dragons, Elixir Collector, Golden Knight, Skeleton King, Three Musketeers, Tornado Spell
AArcher Queen, Baby Dragon, Bats, Bomber, Dark Prince, Dart Goblin, Electro Spirit, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians, Fire Spirit, Fireball, Fisherman, Giant Skeleton, Goblin Drill, Graveyard, Guards, Heal Spirit, Hog Rider, Inferno Dragon, Lava Hound, Magic Archer, Miners, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Mirror, Mortar, Poison Spell, Royal Delivery, Royal Ghost, Royal Giants, Skeleton Dragons, Skeletons, Spear Goblins, The Log, Tombstone, Valkyrie, Zap Spell
BArchers, Arrows, Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Bomb Tower, Bowler, Electro Dragon, Giant, Giant Snowball, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Cage, Goblin Giant, Golem, Hunter, Ice Wizard, Knight, Lightning Spell, Mega Minion, Minions, Night Witch, Prince, Rage Spell, Royal Hogs, Skeleton Army, Sparky, Wall Breakers
CTesla Tower, Executioner, Firecracker, Flying Machine, Freeze Spell, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Mega Knight, Mighty Miner, Minion Horde, Musketeer, P.E.K.K.A, Princess, Ram Rider, Rascals, Royal Recruits, X-Bow
DBarbarians, Battle Ram, Cannon, Inferno Tower, Clone Spell, Earthquake, Electro Giant, Furnace, Goblin Hut, Lumberjack, Mother Witch, Skeleton Barrel, Witch, Zappies
EBarbarian Hut, Battle Healers, Elixir Golem, Goblin Gang, Goblins, Rocket, Wizard

While putting the Cards in the level rundown, we considered their unique case, remedy cost, win and utilization rate, as well as execution in mix with different Cards. A portion of the Cards in the rundown can be set in an alternate Tier, and it completely really relies on how players fabricate their decks. Here are the best Cards in Clash Royale, positioned.

Best Troops in Clash Royale

Three Musketeers

Notwithstanding their high Elixir cost, the Three Musketeers stay to be the best troop in Clash Royale, and they can be matched well with the Royal Ghost, Elixir Collector, and Golden Knight.

Golden Knight

The Golden Knight is certainly the best Champion Card in the game. Despite the fact that it has medium speed and just targets ground units, players can successfully coordinate the Golden Knight with the Tornado Spell, Skeletons, and Magic Archer.

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Best Buildings in Clash Royale

Elixir Collector

While the Elixir Collector may not show up in your initial hand, it is the best Building Card to have in any deck. It tends to be matched well with low-Elixir cost Cards like Heal Spirit, Mirror, and Bomber.


The Mortar is defenseless against short proximity assaults however stands tall in each part of long-gone battle. You can coordinate it with The Log, Skeleton Army, Archers, and, surprisingly, the Fireball to dole out decimating harm to adversaries.

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Best Spells in Clash Royale

Tornado Spell

The Tornado Spell is by a long shot the best Spell to use in Clash Royale. It has a span of 5.5, and can totally modify the direction of any battle. You can coordinate it really with the Mirror, Golden Knight, Electro Giants, Skeletons, and Royal Ghost.

Lightning Spell

The Lightning Spell is the second-best Spell Card, essentially due to its high Elixir cost. This Spell can harm up to three foe troops or structures in a particular region. The Lightning Spell is generally best matched with Golden Knight, Baby Dragon, Mirror, and Tornado Spell.

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