How to solve the Electro Seelie Lightning Strike Probe puzzle under Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact (August 2022) Latest Update!

Inazuma’s Lightning Strike Probes are the absolute most confounding riddles to tackle in the game, particularly when they’re combined with unusual wellsprings of Electro, like Seelies. You’ll find one such riddle in Shirikoro Peak’s underground ruin.

To find the riddle, go to Shirikoro Peak and hop down until you arrive at the underground ruin. When inside, turn left until you see the flight of stairs driving down to the watery region. The way past the water will be impeded until you obliterate the wall with a Thunderbird cutting utilizing the Peculiar Pinion Gadget. At the point when the wall is broken, follow the way inside to find four Lightning Strike Probes and three Electro Seelies.

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The most easy method to settle the Electro Seelie Lightning Strike Probe compass puzzle in Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact

There are a couple of ways you can settle this riddle, however following the headings underneath precisely as endorsed will guarantee that you complete it. In the event that you commit an error mid-way, the arrangement underneath may never again work. All things considered, you can reset the riddle by magically transporting ceaselessly and returning to the region following a couple of moments or by relogging.

Initiating the initial three Lightning Strike Probes

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Carefully follow the steps below to complete the first part of the puzzle.

  • Step 1: Step on the platform in the middle to disperse the three Seelies.
  • Step 2: Turn your attention to the two Seelies beside each other. Lightly touch Seelie #1 until it moves away.

From here onward, you should not touch any Seelie aside from Seelie #2.

  • Step 3: Lightly touch Seelie #2 until it moves to the left.
  • Step 4: Touch Seelie #2 again so that it teleports to the other side of the puzzle.

Step 5: Seelie #2’s new position is circled above. You want to touch it once again, and it will teleport over to the next Lightning Strike Probe.

  • Step 6: Seelie #2’s new position is circled in the image above. Touch it once again to teleport it to the third Lightning Strike Probe. Be careful not to touch other Seelies.

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Activating the fourth Lightning Strike Probe

At this point, three out of four Lightning Strike Probes should be activated. You can tell they’re activated by the purple glow surrounding them. The last inactive Probe is circled in the image above. You need to use a little bit of Electro to force it to face left and complete the puzzle.

To initiate the last Probe, approach the close by Seelie yet don’t contact it. At the point when you get close to the Seelie, it will deliver a portion of Electro, which you really want to control the Probe. Whenever you’re hit by the Seelie’s Electro, step before the last Lightning Strike Probe until it locks, finishing the riddle. You’ll be compensated with a Precious Chest for your work.

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