Best Oyster Cookie Toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom (July 2022) Exciting Details!

Oyster Cookie is a Support-type Super Epic Cookie that focuses on the back position. She is one of the older folks of the Creme Republic board and the head of House Oyster, which has enormous impact over ocean exchange. Notwithstanding being a Support type, Oyster Cookie’s Skill calls troopers from House Oyster to charge at foes.

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Best Toppings work for Oyster Cookie

Oyster Cookie’s Skill is one of a kind as cooldown decrease empowers her to pile gathers up to multiple times. It’s strongly prescribed to decrease her cooldown however much as could reasonably be expected with a full Swift Chocolate form. Nonetheless, in the event that you see that as she’s excessively soft and isn’t making due for a considerable length of time, add a few Solid Almonds for DMG stand up to. Consider doing a crossover work of three Swift Chocolates and two Solid Almonds (or the other way around).

For reward details, go for the gold oppose and however much cooldown decrease as could reasonably be expected, as Oyster Cookie’s summons depend on these decreases to duplicate and get an ATK help. You want in any event – 54.3 percent in cooldown decrease to gather four Oyster Soldiers.

Best Treasures for Oyster Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Oyster Cookie can profit from the Squishy Jelly Watch for cooldown decrease. She can likewise prepare the Seamstress’ Pin Cushion, which builds ATK and gather term, permitting the Oyster Soldiers to remain on the field for longer.

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Oyster Cookie Skill data

Strength of House Oyster: Summons warriors of House Oyster and builds the CRIT percent and CRIT DMG for her and close by partners for 17 seconds. The gathered troopers will promptly charge at the adversaries, managing DMG. The warriors will have extra DEF until the HP of their safeguards hit zero. Their safeguards will likewise oppose Knockbacks and Flying. At the point when Oyster Cookie gets a cooldown decrease buff, rather than cooldown decrease, the quantity of Oyster Soldiers and their ATK will increment.

Skill specs

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
  • Troopers’ Charge DMG: 94%
  • Clam Soldiers: 42.9 percent ATK, 179% DEF, 118% HP
  • Extra Soldiers: Get an additional Oyster Soldier for each – 18.1 percent to cooldown (up to four Oyster Soldiers altogether)
  • Troopers’ ATK: Get +0.9 percent ATK for each – 1% to cooldown (up to +50 percent ATK)
  • Troopers’ Shield: 60% of Oyster Soldiers’ HP, DEF +30 percent, protection from Knockback and Flying
  • CRIT Boost: 16.5 percent for 17 seconds
  • CRIT DMG Boost: 13% for 17 seconds

The most effective method to get Oyster Cookie in CRK

Oyster Cookie can be pulled from the typical gacha whenever. She’s likewise highlighted in The Illustrious Oyster Cookie occasion, where you can pull her free of charge from June 14, 2022, to June 28, 2022.

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