All banned words on Twitch (20/June/2022) Latest Full List!


Twitch is typically not unmistakable about their restricted words. Twitch forbids clients from utilizing racial, homophobic, or chauvinist slurs. Regardless of that expansive phrasing, Twitch has unequivocally illegal the utilization of three words, and any decoration or client who utilizes those words will be naturally restricted.

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Twitch’s prohibited word list

The following are a couple of instances of ways of behaving that can prompt a boycott. A simple method for recollecting this is dependably to be pleasant to everybody. There are three words that Twitch will boycott anybody in the wake of utilizing:

  • Incel (involuntary celibate) – A person who considers themselves unable to attract other people sexually, typically hostile to those who engage in sexual activity.
  • Virgin – A person who has never engaged in sexual activity.
  • Simp – Someone who does too much for someone they like who does not reciprocate their feelings.

Twitch explicitly named those three terms, which is uncommon, yet they have been prohibited before. Likewise, Twitch doesn’t allow slurs of any sort overall.

What is considered harassment on Twitch?

Decorations and talk watchers can’t minimize anybody in light of their strict or political perspectives, nationality or race, orientation or orientation character, or sexual inclination. While a warmed contention may not be fun, it’s typically provocation on the off chance that somebody singles out something about you with fanaticism, sexism, homophobia, or prejudice.

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Also, clients are restricted from inducing viciousness against one another. You can’t attempt to get the talk or decoration to be threatening towards any other person.

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