How to solve the Peculiar Pinion Torch puzzle under Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact? (August 2022) Exciting Details!

Tsurumi Island is one of Genshin Impact’s most secretive areas, lodging the fanciful leftovers of an old human advancement. Underneath one of its mountains, Shirikoro Peak, is an intricate underground ruin loaded up with puzzles, including three Torch astounds that can be addressed with the assistance of the paintings on the cavern walls.

One of the Torch riddles will just show up in the wake of utilizing the Peculiar Pinion Gadget. To find it, make a beeline for the area set apart in the picture beneath. Remember that the region is found underground, so make a beeline for Shirikoro Peak, bounce down, and follow the way prompting the undeniable area.

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When you arrive at the region, utilize the Peculiar Pinion Gadget on the Thunderbird Statue to uncover the Torch puzzle on the wall.

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The most easy method to tackle the Peculiar Pinion Torch Puzzle in Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

To tackle the riddle, you want to illuminate the Torches in the request recommended by the close by wall painting. The painting highlights the themes of three stars, demonstrating the places of the three Torches that should be illuminated. You can utilize any person that can apply Pyro to illuminate them, however we energetically suggest utilizing a bowman like Amber or Yoimiya to precisely point.

Reference the picture above for the Torches you want to illuminate in the specific request they’re mathematically named. While there are five Torches, you just have to apply Pyro onto three, while the last two will naturally illuminate toward the end. Finishing this puzzle will compensate you with an Exquisite Chest and will combine with the Hidden Achievement called Guessing Game.

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