All characters and voice actors in The DioField Chronicles (August 2022) Latest Authentic Details!

The DioField Chronicle is a key RPG from Square Enix and highlights a dirty and fantastical story. A significant piece of this story is the characters in question, who are rejuvenated by their particular voice actosr. This might leave you pondering who the characters and voice entertainers of The DioField Chronicle are.

List of The DioField Chronicle characters and voice cast

The account of The DioField Chronicle follows that of the Blue Foxes hired fighter bunch drove by Andrias Rhondarson, Fredret Lester, Iscarion Colchester, and Waltaquin Redditch. This rundown contains both primary and supporting characters and is a work underway. It will be refreshed as more data is uncovered. Here are characters and voice cast in The DioField Chronicle.

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CharacterEnglish Voice ActorJapanese Voice Actor
Andrias RhondarsonToby RegboNobuhiko Okamoto
Fredret LesterJonno DaviesJunichi Suwabe
Iscarion ColchesterJacob Collins-LevyJun Fukuyama
Waltaquin RedditchSorcha GroundsellInori Minase
Izelair WiganSabrina BartlettKaori Maeda
Lorraine LuckshawEllie HeydonMiku Ito
Hezeliah ShaythamFern DeaconMisuzu Yamada
William HendeMark RowleyKenjiro Tsudu
Zoruaq WiganTBAKenji Hamada
Tremina UmbertTBAMiyuu Tsuji
Castevere BunnowTBAJunta Terashima
Estalt YewfareTBAMiyuki Sato
Shivat MalzinTBAMakoto Furukawa
Umarida BareasTBASumire Uesaka
Zevatian SchugelTBARyohei Kimura

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