Bayonetta (August 2022) All LP Locations Guide

Bayonetta is an activity game in the vein of Devil May Cry, yet because of the unimaginable ability at PlatinumGames (a similar group liable for Babylon’s Fall), penniless the shape. Inside the first and second games, there were Angelic Hymns Gold LPs that were said to contain the solidified voices of heavenly messengers. Finding their pieces and restoring them would permit Bayonetta to take them to Rodin for another weapon.

Where are the LPs in Bayonetta?

Trois Marches Militaires

  • This is found in Verse 6, immediately following the defeat of Beloved.
  • Unlocks the Onyx Roses for Bayonetta and the Garnet Roses for Jeanne.

Quasi una Fantasia

  • Found in Verse 7 after defeating the Beloved pair.
  • Unlocks the Shuraba weapon for Bayonetta and the Angel Slayer for Jeanne.


  • The first half is in Verse 4 and appears after defeating Fairness.
  • The second half is in Verse 10. Upon entering Paradiso, jump down to the left in the direction directly opposite the way of the Alfheim portal. Head south along the path and the LP will be sitting on a large rock.
  • Unlocks the Kulshedra for Bayonetta and Vritra for Jeanne.

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Sonate in DK.448

  • The first third is in Verse 2 and appears after defeating Grace & Glory.
  • The second third is in Verse 5 and appears after defeating the second pair of Grace & Glory and the group of Harmony.
  • The final third appears in Verse 9. Head up the rainy and windy spiraling bath to a circle of water with a waterfall in the center. There will be an Umbran Resting Place in the back with the LP piece nearby.
  • Unlocks Durga for Bayonetta and Kali for Jeanne.

Les Patineurs Waltz op.183

  • The first third is located in Verse 1. At the beginning of the level, turn around and break open the Umbran Resting Place.
  • The second third is in Verse 2. In the area where you fight two inspired, there will be a pile of rocks near the entrance. Destroy these to reveal an Umbran Resting Place with the LP.
  • The final third is in Verse 9 and is a reward for defeating Joy.
  • Unlocks Odette for Bayonetta and Karen for Jeanne.


  • The first third is found in Verse 1. At the beginning of the Chapter, proceed to the plaza and take a right. There will be a door with a sun insignia. Attacking it will reveal an Umbran Resting Place with the LP piece.
  • The second third is in Verse 6. It appears after the first fight with Kinship.
  • The final third is in Verse 8. After the first bouncing Golem Ball, there will be a small path of light that has a moving gap in it. Use Crow Within and fly onto the pathway below and proceed until you see the sun door. Destroy it to reveal a chest with the LP fragment.

Messiah, HWV.56

  • Complete 100 chapters.
  • Unlocks Sai Fung for Bayonetta and Tang Lung for Jeanne.

Mars, the Bringer of War

  • Complete Hard difficulty.
  • Unlocks Bazillions for Bayonetta and Jeanne.

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

  • Complete Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty.
  • Unlocks Pillow Talk for Bayonetta and Bloody Moon for Jeanne.

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