Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenge Guide (August 2022)

Iron Banner has been totally adjusted with Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2. A piece of this revise incorporates a six-section journey with a confounding mission step. The subsequent step expects Guardians to finish a Daily Challenge, yet Bungie gives no sign in-round of what this is or how to finish it.

What is the Iron Banner Daily Challenge?

To see the Daily Challenge, players should open the Director, go to Crucible, and float over the Iron Banner symbol. The Daily Challenge is really named as the Weekly Challenge while checking it out.

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Iron Banner Daily Challenges

July 12: Complete Iron Banner matches as either Solar or Void subclasses.

Something can undoubtedly be missed, and why Bungie selected to deal with it this way is confounding. The Iron Banner adjust has been gotten ineffectively, and this slip up just adds more fuel to that fire.

The main pressing concern that is maddening the fanbase is supplanting Control with Rift. This mode was at first delivered during the Taken King development in the first Destiny. Sentiments on this were by and large sure. Notwithstanding, apparently the shine has worn off, as the greater part of the local area is quite agitated. As opposed to change the game mode with the second round of Iron Banner this season, Bungie has multiplied down on the dubious game mode.

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