How to save your game in XEL (August 2022) Chronal Pillars Guide

Created by Tiny Roar, XEL is an incredible 3D science fiction dream activity experience RPG with different battle mechanics highlighting the hero from a hierarchical view. While the ongoing interaction will undoubtedly help players to remember old fashioned Zelda days, its remarkable mechanics represent an alternate type of challenge. XEL has endless riddles and a few prisons, which is the reason players should know how to save their advancement appropriately.

Players will run over interesting barrel shaped objects called Chronal Pillars. You should connect with them to save the game. XEL doesn’t have an autosave element, and players should physically save the advancement each time by finding and associating with these Chronal Pillars. They are pink in variety, and the unused Chronal Pillars will seem to be broken sections. To save your advancement, essentially approach these support points and press K (default keybind).

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Players can really take a look at the picture above to perceive how Chronal Pillars thoroughly search in game. You will go over a few Chronal Pillars while investigating the guide and can utilize them to save progress in a measured way. There are a couple of openings, and every one of them can be overwritten as you progress further in the game.

In XEL, players will begin the game as the hero, Reid, who is seen as wrecked in a new world. The hack-and-cut battle in the game can find opportunity to become acclimated to, yet it tends to be strongly fulfilling when matched with the repel and avoid mechanics.

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