Best Card Builds in Back 4 Blood (August 2022) Latest Exciting Details!

Back 4 Blood is a first-individual crew based shooter with deck-building mechanics. It’s likewise an otherworldly replacement of Left 4 Dead, with which it shares environment, zombies, and group of-four playstyle. What’s diffrent is the abilities framework, which depends on cards that you gather. Cards give you hostile and guarded buffs and abilities that can change the tide of the fight.

You can bring 15 cards into the battle, so making the best form in Back 4 Blood is basic. Before the June 2022 Update, you were unable to utilize all cards toward the beginning of the fight; they were played bit by bit. Be that as it may, with the Full Deck Draw highlight, making card fabricates seems OK, as you currently have all the rewards all along.

Best Back 4 Blood Deck Builds

Making constructs can be extremely mind boggling, as you’re in good company in the field. You can’t do everything without anyone else, so some collaboration with different players is exceptionally welcome. To keep away from superfluous entanglements, attempt to augment your personality’s attributes. For instance, on the off chance that you’re a tank, try to have a ton of obstruction and wellbeing rewards.

Recall that card rewards separate in view of whether you play Campaign or Swarm (player-versus player) mode. Rewards are for the most part more critical in Swarm mode, as you battle against Ridden Mutations (zombie “legends”). Additionally, a few cards are accessible simply in Campaign mode. Works underneath are made in light of Campaign mode, however for certain adjustments, they can be utilized in Swarm.

Best Meele Deck Build in Back 4 Blood

  • Adrenaline Fueled—When you kill an enemy, gain 5 Stamina instantly and an additional 7 Stamina over seven seconds, stacking up to five times.
  • Battle Lust—Gives 1/2 points of health back for one melee kill.
  • Batter Up—Gain 40% Melee Damage and 5 Health.
  • Berserker—Gain 5% Melee Damage, 5% Melee Speed, and 5% Move Speed for each Melee kill in the last three seconds.
  • Brazen—Gain 15% Melee Stamina Efficiency and 20% Melee Attack Speed
  • Body Armor—Gain 20% Trauma Resistance.
  • Cross Trainers—Gain 20% Stamina, 20% Stamina Regen, 3% Move Speed, and 5 Health.
  • Ignore The Pain—Gain 20% Melee Damage against Mutations. When you deal Melee damage to a Mutation, gain 1 Health and recover 3 Stamina.
  • Heavy Attack—Heavy attacks deal 100% increased damage and expend 50% more Stamina.
  • Meth Head—Every Melee swing grants 5% Melee Attack Speed and 5% Melee Stamina Efficiency for six seconds, stacking up to 10 times.
  • Rhythmic Breathing—Gain 40% Stamina.
  • Spiky Bits—Gain 20 Melee Damage, 20% Damage Resistance while using a Melee Weapon, and -15% Ammo Capacity.
  • Superior Cardio—Gain 20% Stamina, 20% Sprint Efficiency, and 5 Health
  • Slugger—Gain 5 Health, 10% Melee Efficiency, and 20% Melee Attack Speed.
  • Vanguard—Melee kills grant 1 Health to yourself and teammates within 10 meters.

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Best Sniper Card Build in Back 4 Blood

  • Ammo Pouch—25% Ammo Capacity and 2.5% Bullet Damage.
  • Ridden Slayer—Gain +20% Weakspot Damage.
  • Reload Drills—Gain +20% Reload Speed.
  • Tunnel Vision—Every 0.75 seconds Aim Down Sights gives 5% Weakspot Damage (up to three stacks), 50% Aim Speed, and 5% Damage Resistance.
  • Sadistic—Gain 5% Weakspot Damage for each Precision Kill in the last 10 seconds.
  • Confident Killer—When you or your team kills a Mutation, gain 1% damage (up to 15%) until the end of the level.
  • Inspiring Sacrifice—When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 20 health over 15 seconds.
  • Widemouth Magwell—Gain +30% Reload Speed, -5% Damage Resistance.
  • Reckless Strategy—Gain +30% Weakspot Damage, -5% Damage Resistance.
  • Hi VIS Sights—Gain +30% Aim Speed.
  • Guns Out—Gain +50% Weapon Swap Speed, -5% Damage Resistance.
  • Optics Enthusiast—Gain +30% Accuracy.
  • Large Caliber Rounds—7.5% Bullet Damage, 200% Bullet Penetration.
  • Combat Training—Gain 5% Bullet Damage, 1 Bullet Stumble Damage, and 5 Melee Stumble Damage.
  • Front Sight Focus—Gain +20% Accuracy, 10% Weakspot Damage, and 15% Aim Speed.

Best Support Card Build in Back 4 Blood

  • Fanny Pack—Get +1 Support Inventory, 15% Trauma Resistance
  • Shoulder Bag—Get +2 Support Inventory, -5% Damage dealt.
  • Copper Scavenger—You can sense nearby Copper. More Copper piles spawn.
  • Compound Interest—Each Cleaner gains 5% of their total Copper in each Saferoom.
  • Lucky Pennies—Whenever you or your team loots Copper, you have a 35% chance of finding additional Copper.
  • Grenade Pouch—Get +1 Offensive Inventory, +25% Swap Speed
  • Second Chance—Get +1 Extra Life, +5 Health.
  • Offensive Scavenger—You can sense nearby Offensive Accessories, and more Offensive Accessories spawn.
  • Confident Killer—When you or your team kills a Mutation gain 1% damage (up to 15%) until the end of the level.
  • Ammo for All—Get +10% Team Ammo Capacity, +2.5% Team Damage
  • Inspiring Sacrifice—When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 20 health over 15 seconds.
  • Charitable Soul—Healing a teammate also heals you for 50% of the amount recovered.
  • Multitool—Get +75% Use Speed, -5% Damage Resistance.
  • Ammo Pouch—Get +25% Ammo Capacity, 2.5% Bullet Damage
  • Stimulants—Pain Meds you apply also grant 20% Stamina Regen, 15% Reload Speed, and 15% Weapon Swap Speed for 60 seconds.

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