Where to find Starshroom in Genshin Impact? (August 2022) Authentic Details!

Starshrooms are fixings that can be seen as in The Chasm’s Underground Mine, which must be gotten to by after The Chasm Delvers World Questline. It very well may be started from Lan, who’s situated adjacent to Katheryne in Liyue.

All Starshroom Locations in Genshin Impact

Starshrooms can be found in soggy regions where different mushrooms fill in The Chasm’s Underground Mine. They’re bunched in the right pool of the Underground Waterway and the middle and right portions of The Glowing Narrows. You really want to finish all journeys in The Chasm Delvers to illuminate the Underground Mine to cross-reference your cultivating area with the picture above.

What are Starshrooms in Genshin Impact?

Starshrooms are little yellow mushrooms that produce a weak blue sparkle, which separates them from different mushrooms in the scene. Yet, they can in any case be a piece precarious to detect in regions thick with different parasites. Getting a Starshroom will re-energize one Energy for the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Starshrooms recuperate 300 HP when consumed and may conceivably be utilized for dishes or creating from here on out. They involve the Food segment of the Inventory.

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