All new Gunlances in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (August 2022) Latest Details!

Might it be said that you are an enthusiast of the spear yet are frustrated in how essential it is? Maintain that the flexibility of imagining should be a gone weapon while likewise getting all up in a beast’s business? Then Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has the weapon for you. The Gunlance happens when Final Fantasy’s gunblade goes through pubescence and concludes that hunting massive winged serpents is a more suitable profession way than spending time with amnesiac youngsters.

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MHR Sunbreak Gunlances

Rarity 8Rarity 9Rarity 10
Kamura Warrior GunlanceDusk’s BayonetFine Kamura Gunlance
Kamura Warrior Gunlance +Mizumori +Harae no Toboshi +
Ortlinde +Harae No ToboshiGreat Ortlinde +
Sand Blaster Gunlance +Great OrtlindeRosenherrlich
AmberiftRosenkanoneEtince Chariot
Imperial Guardlance +Rosenkanone +Sandspear
Admiral’s Arbalance +Crimson Rook +Oppressor’s Skyfall
Datura Gunlance +Despot’s Phlogiston +Amber Pike Ne’erthaw
Datura GrimbarbAmberift +Praetorian Guardlance +
Dawnmoon GunlancePraetorian Guardlance +Pleniunio Frostspike
Dawnmoon Gunlance +Frostmoon GunlanceImperial Swornlance +
Hellbringer GunlanceFrostmoon Gunlance +Zaram Chariot
High Volt Gunlance +Imperial SwornlanceDatura Grimbarb +
Giga Volt GunlanceDark ChariotDiablos Horncannon +
Shatter God +Dark Chariot +Dawnmoon Detonator
ShattercannonDiablos Cannon +Endbringer Cataclysm
Lullabyte Sleeplance +Diablos HorncannonBurnbringer Eruption
Mythic Kadachi Striker +Hellbringer Gunlance +Giga Volt Gunlance +
Thundering strikerFlamebringer GunlanceShattercannon +
Behemoth Gunlance +Flamebringer Gunlance +Baggi Pike Cradle
Gargantua GunlanceJaya GunlanceThundering Striker +
Scissor GunlanceJaya Gunlance +Gargantua Gunlance +
Scissor Gunlance +New Moon +Riotus Gunlance
New MoonPyre PikeScissor Cannon
Barbarous Firelance +Tigrex Gunlance +Avidya Gunlance
Barroth HellraiserGreat Tigrex GunlancePyre Pike +
Barroth Hellraiser +Golm Benedictus +Barroth Reloadeer
Lagomberatrix +Arknablazer +Great Tigrex Gunlance +
Ludroth Shellbreaker +Scarlet LamplanceLagombalanche
Droth RomeoScarlet Lamplance +Droth Romeo +
Golm BenedictusMighty SoulsackerResounding Gortrass
ArknablazerTyrannenarmShadow Silencer
Fiore Du BlackTyrannenarm +Toci Da Lavater
Fiore Du WhiteL’OndeFiore Tre Black
Fiore Du GreenGreat Demon Gunlance +Fiore Tre White
Sinishter Shadowshot +Daora’s BrigiaFiore Tre Green
Howlitzer +Venomous Attar +Hochmutsarm
Soporific Shelllgun +Royal Order’s PledgeLa Forteresse
DreamsniperDragonn Gunlance
Demonlord Gunlance
Skyrift Tempest
Skyrift Thunderstorm
Bazel Kingtopper
Daora’s Tempest
Venomous Perfume
Abyssal Rockslide
Roar of the Canyne
Royal Order’s Pledge +
Antique Machina GL

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