How to beat Monsoon in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (August 2022) Boss Guide

Monsoon is the fourth manager of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He is fast, mean, and will obliterate you on the off chance that you are not yet alright with repelling. Despite the fact that he is known for his pre-battle discourse on how “images are the DNA of the spirit,” his fight pushes that happy state of mind far removed and gets serious.

While Monsoon’s battle denotes a trouble spike in Revengeance, he isn’t phenomenal. How would you beat Monsoon?

How to beat Monsoon’s boss fight in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

First Phase

Monsoon’s most prominent benefit is his very fast speed. He is extremely forceful and rebuffing to players who are curious about repelling. On the off chance that you have not figured out how to repel yet, this will be the cauldron where you should either learn or pass on.

Monsoon’s essential danger is his combos. They are quick and unforgiving. In the event that you are trapped in a few strikes of a combo, you might become staggered and unfit to shield for a brief time frame. One method for understanding the planning of his combos is by playing on edge your initial not many endeavors. Try not to assault, just safeguard from his assaults. This will make guard natural and show you how to track down safe openings to assault.

Monsoon begins the battle by surging toward you with a combo, which comprises of five fast assaults, a respite, then a last assault. He will involve this combo a few times in the battle, so this is an extraordinary chance to get to know its timing. He likewise utilizes a kick combo, comprising of four kicks with hardly a pause in between. He might rush toward you and hurl you in the air, despite the fact that don’t worry. Regardless of whether you bombed the underlying repel, you can repel his airborne assault and take no harm.

Storm intermittently tosses down a smoke bomb and goes after you from different headings. Recollect that the repelling framework is directional, so make a point to confront Monsoon when he goes after to guarantee an effective repel. Assuming one of these smoke assaults hits you, the manager will circle back to the previously mentioned five assault combo, which can stagger you in the event that you are hit by an excessive number of strikes.

Monsoon loves to do a particularly ruthless assault where he rides you and causes a stunning 20% harm. While the underlying assault can be parried, whenever you’re trapped in the ride liveliness, the best way to escape is by squeezing CTRL. Maybe you can get away from this movement with CTRL in the beginning stages of Monsoon’s fight.

After his wellbeing bar is around 65%, he will start his subsequent stage.

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Second Phase

Toward the start of Monsoon’s subsequent stage, he will initiate a button on his head. This will keep you from harming his body, as it actuates his attractive powers and individual bits of his body will avoid your strikes. He will hop onto a point of support and throw vehicles and airplane at you, which you should cut with Blade Mode. The rubble of these vehicles drops supportive things like explosives and Repair Nanopaste.

Your objective this stage is to cut the button on his head. After a couple of assaults, you can cut this button with Blade Mode while Monsoon is paralyzed. This will deactivate his attractive powers for a brief time frame and permit you to harm the two his body and his head that falls onto the ground. You can likewise utilize EMP explosives to deactivate his attractive powers.

When Monsoon is at around 40% wellbeing, the fight advances to Phase Three.

Third Phase

Monsoon will fling a moving heap of rubble toward you multiple times. To avoid this moving rubble, go around aimlessly close to the front-right of the field. Be cautious, there will be hazardous things falling close to the structure’s entry to keep players from taking shelter.

After this rubble assault, Monsoon will participate in his long-range Sai assault. This assault is especially merciless, as it strikes from one to multiple times, contingent upon whether you repel its strike. To keep Monsoon from doing this assault generally, attempt to remain nearby him during the fight. On the off chance that you are in closeness, he will normally decide on short-range assaults all things considered.

Before this assault, Monsoon gives a little advance notice by turning his Sai cutting edges. Assuming you see this marker, run nearer to Monsoon and he might drop his long-range Sai assault, changing to his five-strike combo all things considered.

At around 18% wellbeing, Monsoon will continue on toward his fourth and last stage.

Fourth Phase

In this last stage, Monsoon will heave a monster point of support at you. Use Ninja Run to ascend the point of support, then, at that point, use Blade Mode to cut the impediment he tosses at you. Press the Zandatsu button when the fast time occasion happens and use Blade Mode to get done with the task. Whenever this is finished, congrats! You have beaten Monsoon.

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