How to play a random clip from streamer when raided on Twitch (August 2022)

Being attacked is perhaps of the best inclination you can have on Twitch. It’s regular you’d need to celebrate. Furthermore, what preferable way over playing an irregular clasp from the decoration who struck you? Well this apparently mind boggling streaming order is quite easy to set up, and you can celebrate being struck in a novel manner like clockwork. So this is the way you play an irregular clasp from the decoration who struck you on Twitch.

Using Twitch.Guru to upgrade the Shout Out command

The fundamental essence of getting this cool element to work is utilizing the yell out order to play cuts utilizing OBS. This strategy expects you to be gushing on OBS, so ensure you’re utilizing that program prior to beginning. The fastest and most straightforward method for getting this technique to work is through Twitch.Guru’s helpful instrument. Make a beeline for Twitch.Guru and peruse down to Free Tools. Select the Shout Out Player. As recorded in the subtleties, this device will play an irregular clasp from the stream channel that is yelled out. You can likewise set this to a channel reward so watchers can involve the order too.

Essentially enter your Twitch username, select in the event that you believe this should be a channel reward choice, and set a couple of choices like Max Duration, Mute, and Turn message show off. Then, a Browser Source connection will be made at the lower part of the page. We will involve that connection in OBS.

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Adding a Browser Source to your stream in OBS

Send off OBS and on your streaming scene’s rundown of Sources, click the + image to add another Source. Select Browser from the menu, and in the URL area, utilize the connection made in the Twitch.Guru site, the one marked Browser Source. From that point you can alter the place of the clasp in your scene, and in any case change the size, and so forth.

Then, whenever you’re assaulted utilize the Shout Out order, which is !so notwithstanding the client name of the individual who struck you to play those clasps. For instance, !so (Insert User Name) without the sections. Appreciate!

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