MHR Sunbreak (August 2022) Best Palamute Gear Tier List, Latest Updates!

Gathering materials to make gear for your tracker is significant, yet creating the greatest stuff for your in-game fuzzy friends might be much more significant. All things considered, it would be destroying in the event that they got injured while hunting beasts. With the arrival of Sunbreak, Palamute gear has detonated in Monster Hunter Rise. Here are the sets to pay special attention to.

Best Palamute Gear in Monster Hunter Rise

C Tier

  • Ghillie Scroll
  • Healing Scroll
  • Rocksteady Scroll

B Tier

  • Steel Fang
  • Stoutcore Fang
  • Large Shuriken

A Tier

  • Throwarm Scroll
  • Heavy Strike Scroll
  • Guarding Parasol
  • Dual Bladed Chain

S Tier

  • Heal Blade Scroll
  • Diversion Scroll

Best Palamute Armor Sets in MHR Sunbreak

B Tier

Rarity 8 gear is going to be a step above your High Rank gear, but will be limited in what it can do in the back half of the Master Rank hunts.

  • Canyne Nargacuga X
    • 573 Defense
    • 268 Attack
    • 20% Affinity
  • Canyne Garangolm
    • 593 Defense
    • 308 Attack
    • -15% Affinity
  • Canyne Ceanataur
    • 573 Defense
    • 303 Attack
    • 10% Affinity
  • Canyne Almudron X
    • 573 Defense
    • 268 Attack (Water)
    • 0% Affinity
  • Canyne Rakna X
    • 573 Defense
    • 258 Attack (Fire)
    • 25% Affinity

A Tier

This tier is comprised of the best sets within the Rarity 9 options. You’ll encounter some of the toughest fights in the game when gathering the materials to craft this Palamute armor.

  • Canyne Kaiser X
    • 613 Defense
    • 288 Attack (Blast)
    • 0% Affinity
  • Canyne Malzeno
    • 613 Defense
    • 333 Attack (Dragon)
    • 0% Affinity
  • Canyne Angel Veil
    • 613 Defense
    • 290 Attack (Dragon)
    • 10% Affinity
  • Canyne Pure Golden
    • 613 Defense
    • 328 Attack (Lightning)
    • 0% Affinity
  • Canyne Bazelgeuse X
    • 613 Defense
    • 318 Attack (Blast)
    • 0% Affinity

S Tier

Here it is, the best of the best. This gear is crafted from the “hardest” monster in the game and has some great stats to help your palamute be the very best boy it can be.

  • C Archdemon
    • 633 Defense
    • 308 Attack (Dragon)
    • 0% Affinity

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All Master Rank Palamute Armor

Rank 8Rank 9Rank 10
C Kamura LegacyCanyne Barking XC Archdemon
Canyne Alloy XCanyne Mzutsune X
Canyne Bone XCanyne Zinogre X
Canyne Baggi XCanyne Lunagaron
Canyne Kulu XCanyne Astalos
Canyne Wroggi XCanyne Espinas
Canyne Arzuros XCanyne Gore
Canyne Lagombi XCanyne Regios
Canyne Volvidon XCanyne Tigrex X
Canyne Aknosom XCanyne Diablos X
Canyne Ludroth XCanyne Kushala X
Canyne Barroth XCanyne Kaiser X
Canyne HarmitaurCanyne Malzeno
Canyne Tetra XCanyne Angel Veil
Canyne Khezu XCanyne Pure Golden
Canyne Basarios XCanyne Bazelgeuse X
Canyne Rathian X
Canyne Kadachi X
Canyne Anja X
Canyne Barioth X
C Sinister Demon
Canyne Nargacuga X
Canyne Garangolm
Canyne Ceanataur
Canyne Almudron X
Canyne Rakna X

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