How to beat Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (August 2022) Boss Guide

Armstrong has been depicted as the driving force of Desperado Enforcement starting from the start of Revengeance, and in Mission R-07 Assassination Attempt, we get to battle him as the last chief. This fight is long, tiring, and presents a few one of a kind goes after that can be confounding to comprehend. Albeit the fight with Armstrong is requesting and very tedious, it is positively winnable. This is the way you can beat the Armstrong supervisor fight in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

How to beat Armstrong’s boss fight in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

First Phase – Metal Gear EXCELSUS

The hardest part of Armstrong’s battle is his assault timing. A large portion of different managers, similar to Monsoon and Jetstream Sam, have a speedy beat to their strikes. Armstrong, nonetheless, has a beguilingly slow windup, making it more challenging to repel his assaults. It will require investment to find out more about repelling his assaults, so be encouraged in the event that it seems like you’re battling in the initial not many endeavors.

Armstrong begins the fight in a mech: Metal Gear EXCELSUS. During this stage, he will endeavor to go after you by throwing his mech’s two sharp edges down. He will likewise swipe them from left to right, which can be avoided with Ninja Run. The mech’s hammer assaults can be parried, as well as its other assaults. The lasers can’t be parried, nonetheless.

Subsequent to evading his mech’s assaults and causing harm to his edges, the mech will step forward, offering you the ideal chance to strike its foot. At the point when Armstrong sees, he will throw the mech’s foot down, attempting to smash you. You can repel this assault, however it will in any case give some harm. It should be noticed: this repel harm can’t kill you. On the off chance that you repel an assault at 0.1% wellbeing, you will stay at 0.1% wellbeing.

In the wake of causing harm to the mech’s foot, you will be provoked to utilize Blade Mode, then approach one more piece of the mech and use Blade Mode again. This will cut off one of the mech’s appendages.

After his wellbeing is carried down to around 60%, the mech will start terminating lasers. To overpower you, Armstrong will send two Gekko mechs that will go after you during the lasers. In any case, the lasers can likewise consume his own Gekkos, so utilize that for your potential benefit. When Armstrong’s mech has 10% wellbeing, you should breathe easy occasions and use Blade Mode to cut open his mech with its own arm. After the mech is dead, you have advanced to stage two.

Phase Two – Battle on the Mech

In this stage, you will confront Armstrong one-on-one. His assaults are more slow than they appear, so try to repel later than you commonly would. Assuming you repel too soon, the gatekeeper clock will run out, and he will hit you head-on.

The most hazardous move in this segment is his thrust assault, where he sparkles orange and runs at you. Assuming that he handles this assault, he will headbutt you and arrangement some weighty harm. Use Ninja Run and leap far removed to keep away from this assault. Like the absolute first Jetstream Sam battle, this first scene should just be made due until the cutscene plays. After that cutscene, the battle will start in the future, and when your wellbeing is drained, another cutscene will play. Then, at that point, in the rubble field, the third stage starts.

Phase Three – Arena Battle

In this stage, Armstrong’s assaults are deadlier than any time in recent memory. To start the stage, Armstrong throws lines of magma that track your developments and follow you. To avoid these, utilization Ninja Run. Armstrong will regularly utilize a fire assault where he encircles himself with fire, then detonates. Ensure you are beyond this assault’s closeness when you see him energizing the assault.

Armstrong will likewise utilize an assault where he breaks the ground, detonates those breaks, then, at that point, surges toward you. Assuming you are remaining on one of these breaks, it will bargain harm when it detonates. Armstrong likewise reuses the jump assault from stage two, where he gleams orange and barrels toward you. This assault incurs a lot of harm and ought to be stayed away from.

After his wellbeing is brought down, Armstrong will snatch a piece of rubble and toss it at you. You should utilize Blade Mode to cut the rubble he tosses at you. Assuming that you are struck by any of the pieces, it will kill you immediately. In Easy mode, you can cut these pieces without moving your mouse to adapt to the level of the rubble, however in Normal and ahead, you should physically move your mouse to arrive at the strike. The rubble will likewise drop supportive things like Repair Nanopaste once annihilated.

Toward the finish of this Blade Mode area, Armstrong himself will show up. Strike him on his head, and this will bargain gigantic harm. This rubble assault will be rehashed a few times as you channel Armstrong’s wellbeing bar. Every so often, Armstrong will do an assault where he thumps the blade from your hands. The blade will be situated in the field straightforwardly behind you, and you should get it to keep battling with a weapon.

In the wake of taking a significant measure of harm, Armstrong will shine green and begin recuperating. To stop this mending, move toward him from behind and use Blade Mode, striking him on the demonstrated region. Assuming you hit him typically, he will counterattack and keep on recuperating. He might rehash this move straightforwardly in the wake of utilizing it. Armstrong will keep on utilizing the previously mentioned assaults, until you lower him to 0.1% wellbeing. In any case, don’t settle in, as he isn’t dead yet. From here, there is another rubble assault for you to confront.

After a couple of speedy time occasions, the game will incite you to utilize Blade Mode, and you should cut his hand. Whenever that is finished, you should cut his heart a few times, then play out the Zandatsu move. Now that this chain of occasions is finished, you can celebrate! You have killed Armstrong and, consequently, finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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