Everything we know about Genshin Impact’s upcoming Sumeru characters based on leaks – Scaramouche, Kusanali, Tighnari, and more (August 2022) Latest Details!

With a lot of fervor paving the way to Sumeru’s delivery in Version 3.0, leakers have exceeded everyone’s expectations to get data about the country of shrewdness and its occupants. We’ve assembled all that we are familiar them from different sources on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. Pictures of the characters won’t be posted straightforwardly in this article, however a Reddit post by u/FIGJAM17 in r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks uncovers a screen capture of a portion of the impending Sumeru characters together.

Note: All of the breaks and hypotheses beneath depend on data found via virtual entertainment channels. If it’s not too much trouble, think about them while considering other factors and realize that the last delivery might be obviously not the same as what is introduced.

Lesser Lord Kusanali

The Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali was spilled to be enlivened by Honkai Impact third’s Theresa Apocalypse. Early reports proposed that she might be given another body model, however a picture of impending Sumeru characters one next to the other, posted by Twitter client @hxg_diluc, uncovers that she could have the kid model (Klee, Qiqi) all things considered. The work of art of her personality model close-up was likewise posted by u/irsyada007 on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks. Her mythical person like ears, like Klee’s, may allude to more about the long-living race in Sumeru.

While youngster characters are not excessively well known among the Genshin Impact people group, Twitter client @genshinBLANK expressed that HoYoverse will pull the close to home card to build her fame.


Fresher breaks across different sources have affirmed that the swank Dendro male who was supposed to be enlivened by Honkai Impact third’s Su will be named Alhaitham (perhaps spelled Al-Haitham). Twitter client @hxg_diluc affirmed that Alhaitham’s personality model is exact, as well as prior depictions of his character. While not much is been aware of his contribution in the story, a similar leaker uncovered that Alhaitham and Zhongli are colleagues and that the last option is somebody who “doesn’t give a quality of a human.”

In spite of this, leakers see Alhaitham as a significant person in the Sumeru story. Furthermore, Zhongli composed a message on the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s release board (right now in-game) that discussions about his experience with a researcher from Sumeru, who the local area accepts might be Alhaitham.

Dori Sangemah Bay

Dori is one more person with a kid model with pink hair, a tank top, scenes, and a genie-like appearance. She flaunts an intriguing playstyle in view of pictures posted by u/MuscularLobster on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, where she’s displayed to ride an ooze like mount (potentially a Sumeru animal, similar to) a Djinn weapon and assaults foes for her while Dori serenely avoids danger.

In view of data from Twitter client @genshinBLANK, Dori is a Mora-fixated trickster who works with an organization of secret providers. She might be quite possibly of Sumeru’s most intriguing person, given her legend. Curiously, in the depiction of Aloy’s Collected Miscellany, the extraordinary swashbuckler Alice (Klee’s mother) portrayed herself as the Supplier to the Renowned Lord Sangemah Bay.

At last, Dori’s whole pack was additionally uncovered by @genshinBLANK. She’s an Electro character that spotlights on bringing a “Feeling of the Lamp” and turret that bargains Electro Damage — a pack that peruses a great deal like an off-field sub-DPS unit.


Scaramouche is one of the most expected characters in Genshin Impact. Having made his presentation in Version 1.1, his notorious outfit welcomed on a ton of fervor for his supposed Inazuma discharge — which won’t ever come. Yet, more up to date spills from as soon as April uncovered that Scaramouche might be delivered in the Sumeru update as a Weekly Boss.

Leakers charge a Version 3.1 or 3.2 delivery for both Scaramouche as a Weekly Boss and playable five-star impetus character. As indicated by Twitter client @hxg_diluc, he might be renamed Wanderer and may go through an overhaul that could eliminate his notable cloak.

In view of a story spill from Twitter client @Ubatcha1, Scaramouche might have took off with the Raiden Shogun’s Gnosis and never returned it to the Tsaritsa. There might be a fragment that includes Childe going to Sumeru to find the “taken” Gnosis.


Tighnari is a five-star Dendro bow client whose whole pack was spilled by Twitter client @genshinBLANK. In view of the data, he’s the Lead Ranger of the Dawson Rainforest whose unit rotates around managing AoE Dendro Damage. Appearance-wise, he has extremely lengthy Fennec-fox-like ears, dim hair, and a fundamentally blue variety range for certain traces of green, yellow, and cooler tones. His personality sprinkle workmanship was uncovered by u/sarthakydv on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks on the off chance that you’re enthusiastic about investigating.


Collei is likewise one of the most exceptionally expected Sumeru characters because of her contribution in the Genshin Impact manga, as well as a lot of early releases that indicated her playability. Reddit client u/Aoikumo posted the picture of her sprinkle workmanship on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, with a plan like early fanart.

Her whole unit was likewise spilled by @genshinBLANK, uncovering a four-star Dendro bow client whose pack is basically the same as Amber’s — including a feline like natural. Moreover, it’s been said that Collei and Amber frequently impart through letters, which could demonstrate that the Genshin Impact manga is lined up with the in-game legend.


A few breaks about Nilou surfaced, yet these are very muddled as they appear to have been uncovered straightforwardly from an insider working in the game’s turn of events. She is by all accounts a red-haired female with the youngster body model, with Azhdaha-like horns on her head, a shroud, and a two-piece crop top and skirt combo with a light blue variety range. Pictures of her can be tracked down in r/NilouMains.

Her unit is by all accounts in view of making Hydro and Dendro Reactions. Pictures of her interactivity have been posted by u/Lemillion_Boy_of_War on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks.


Twitter client @SpendYourPrimos uncovered a tall female person who might have brown complexion and naval force twintails and an Egyptian-like outfit suggestive of a cliché Cleopatra. This was additionally upheld by @UncleZapolyarny, who expressed that the person is named Candice and is a five-star Hydro polearm client.

The person was nicknamed Cleo because of her Cleopatra-like appearance. However, in a similar break of Nilou’s ongoing interaction by u/Lemillion_Boy_of_War on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, clients detected the name “坎迪斯” in the party part list, which peruses “Kan Di Si” or “Candice.” This supports the chance of another person named Candice, yet it’s hazy whether she and Cleo are something very similar.

Other names of possible characters who have surfaced in leaks but remain unclear include:

  • Arleccino (Fatui Harbinger)
  • Capitano (Fatui Harbinger)
  • Cyno
  • Djajeet
  • Dottore
  • Faruzan
  • Ikhfa
  • Layla
  • Nafs
  • Pantalone (Fatui Harbinger; allegedly will appear in Version 3.0, but unlikely playable)
  • Soutine (allegedly will appear in Version 3.0, but unlikely playable)

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