BitLife Dealer update (August 2022) Everything you need to know

In the event that you are thinking about what the Dealer update will add to BitLife, there is very little at present known. The Dealer update is one of four updates releaseing after the BitLife business person work pack, otherwise called the Business update. In light of past work packs, we envision the Dealer update will be an extension of BitLife’s wrongdoing framework. We could land one new position (the Dealer), new accomplishments, and perhaps new exercises under the Crime area.

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With this development, players might possibly sell drugs like weed and arrangement them on the roads involving a comparative capability as the Street Hustler work. While this is hypothesis, we base this on the way that the Dealer expected set of responsibilities under the Job pack depicts the accompanying: Start your own personal weed domain!. Which beginning a weed domain involves isn’t totally known right now, yet we envision it will come in a few type of selling weed and giving it in the city in BitLife.

A few different highlights might incorporate staying away from Police presence and managing neighborhood posses, yet we can not be certain that any of these elements will make it into the last update, as we have just the expected set of responsibilities for data. Along these lines, we suggest thinking about a portion of these likely highlights while considering other factors.

When is the delivery date for the BitLife Dealer Update?

At the hour of composing, the BitLife Dealer Update has just barely showed up under the rundown of impending position packs for BitLife. Along these lines, there is no ongoing delivery date for the gig pack and when it will get added to BitLife.

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