How to make color text in PLS Donate? (September 2022) Latest Details!

We’re investigating the way in which you can change your Stand’s text tone in Roblox PLS Donate!

PLS Donate is a game that permits you to guarantee stands and make Robux by having clothing or gamepasses for different players to buy. While these aren’t of much worth, liberal players can give out Robux to players that probably won’t have any themselves. If you have any desire to know how to add a variety text to your sign, we’ll let you know how in this aide.

Making Color Text in PLS Donate

To make variety text in PLS Donate, you should utilize HTML and change the variety code inside it to pick the particular shade you might want to utilize. You can likewise change the text inside these labels to make it express what you might be thinking.

Here’s the HTML you need to copy and paste into your Stand in the game:

<font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">Change This Text</font>

The part that says (0, 0, 0) needs to be changed to whatever color you want. You can use this online color picker to get the exact number you need to use to replace it.

For example, if I wanted to make my text pink I would add the following text to my Stand in the game:

<font color="rgb(255, 0, 102)">Gift me Robux!</font>

Hit the Apply button and your sign should look like this:

Changed Color Text Pls Donate Image

That’s everything you need to know about adding color to your text in PLS Donate.

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