How to unlock the Game Killer Achievement in Vampire Survivors (August 2022) Easy Way!

In Vampire Survivors, the Game Killer Achievement is quite possibly of the most extraordinary accomplishment. Opening this accomplishment accompanies another Randomazzo card that satisfies the accomplishment’s name. It kills the game, implying that it makes it simple and eliminates movement. In any case, for fruition, it’s most certainly worth snatching the accomplishment. This is the way to open the Game Killer Achievement in Vampire Survivors

Open Cappella Magna

Cappella Magna is the fifth fundamental stage in the game, and it is opened by finishing the Lunar Eclipse occasion in the wake of finishing the Moonglow Stage (Stage 4) interestingly. Whenever you’ve opened Cappella Magna, you’ll have to enter the run fully intent on enduring the whole length of the level, which is 30 minutes.

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Defeat the final boss in Cappella Magna

Subsequent to making due for 30 minutes, a peculiar liveliness grouping will begin, and you’ll be entrusted with battling another chief. The supervisor will fire radiates at you and in various bearings. Notwithstanding, you can evade far removed of these effectively assuming you time things right, as there’s a little pillar that shows up first. Killing the manager will open the Game Killer Achievement.

Grab the Great Gospel

After the manager passes on, it’ll drop the Great Gospel, which will likewise give you another accomplishment. Ensure you do this rapidly, as a White Reaper will show up and kill you soon after the supervisor bites the dust. Beating the chief and finishing the level likewise allows you the Game Killer card for the Randomazzo. This card will stop your involvement with game, make dropped XP jewels into shots, and make all chests drop no less than three things for each drop. This actually kills the game and will definitely change in the manner you play them.

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