Anime Adventures Update 1 Log and Patch Notes (August 2022) Latest Update!

The Roblox Anime Adventures update has been delivered that brings new happy, changes, and bug fixes to the game!

Roblox Anime Adventures has delivered their most memorable significant update on July fifteenth, 2022! In this fix, you will find the new Marine’s Ford world, new units, an expanded level cap, occasion missions, expanded endless prizes, and significantly more added to the game. There’s likewise bug fixes, balance changes, and upgrades that ought to level out a portion of the ongoing interaction!

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  • New World: Marine’s Ford!
  • ?? fresh out of the box new units
  • Unit level cap – > 60
  • New Event Quests
  • Expanded limitless prizes, made adjusts last more limited
  • List of competitors reset because of endless changes, elite list of competitors units added
  • Larger part of server crashes fixed, server slack significantly diminished
  • Autosave added to Time Machine and Neo-Tokyo
  • Extraordinarily expanded day to day endless diamond rewards per world
  • Enormously expanded challenge diamond rewards
  • Expanded recurrent story/challenge diamond rewards
  • Fixed covering units when 2+ individuals place at same time
  • Added number keybinds to choose units
  • Karma supports no longer commencement when you are in a game
  • Restricted time secret units added
  • New mythic quality added, polished mythic attributes
  • Diminished develop prerequisites for sparkling mythic units
  • More bug fixes + balance changes + upgrades

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