Optimizing a Mac for Video Games: 6 Useful Tips

Optimizing a Mac for Video Games: 6 Useful Tips

Optimizing a Mac for Video Games: 6 Useful Tips

Playing video games on a MacBook is not that common. If you are a gamer, you are more likely to choose a console or a custom-built desktop computer. Gaming laptops are a solid option as well.

Now, just because MacBooks are inferior to the available alternatives, it does not mean that you need to give up on the idea of gaming on a MacBook. Even if you have a relatively old Mac model, you can still enjoy gaming, particularly if you invest some of your time in optimizing the device’s performance.

Solve Storage Issues

You should start with storage. Note that modern video games require quite a lot of free space on the drive. 

As a rule of thumb, a computer’s drive should have at least 20 percent of its total disk space unoccupied. And this percentage is considered arbitrary because, ideally, you want to have as much free space as possible. 

So, what are the best options to create enough storage on a MacBook so that it can also accommodate video games? There are a few notable methods:

  • External storage accessories and iCloud as alternative locations to keep data
  • Deletion of unnecessary system junk, downloads, media files, localization files, etc.
  • The habit of deleting files permanently rather than keeping them in the Trash

As a side note, you should also consider sticking to streaming platforms more, especially if you have a habit of keeping media files on the MacBook.

Check Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is a tool that you want to keep a close eye on often. It lets you check active background processes and identify which of these processes are consuming the most system resources.

Having resource hogs running in the background while you want to play a video game is not a good idea. Just like how you need to make more space on the MacBook’s drive, you also need to free up system resources by quitting redundant applications and other processes.

Install Updates

Updates should be a priority. Be it small or major macOS updates or updates to the video game that you are playing; the rule is that running the latest version is always recommended.

Of course, when it comes to macOS updates, many users might treat it as something that introduces new features and maybe adds extra security. However, one should not underestimate the importance of operating system updates when it comes to overall performance.

You might be reluctant to download and install a large update because it is going to take too long, which is understandable. Some people have a poor internet connection, and they would not like to commit hours just for an OS to download and update.

Nevertheless, if you wish to have a properly running Mac, then the latest macOS version should be on the device at all times.

Have Fewer Desktop Icons

It is no secret that quite a few people like to keep shortcuts and various documents on the computer’s desktop. Such a habit is not that great for the overall computer performance. Each icon adds to the clutter and demands more resources each time you switch from the desktop to another tab because the system needs to render each icon.

The difficulty is to give up this habit and relocate files to other locations. Sure, it might be inconvenient to use the search feature to access files, but if you are aiming for optimal performance, every little bit helps, and decluttering the desktop is a solid step in the right direction. 

Scan for Malware

macOS is usually not prone to cybersecurity breaches, but one should not underestimate the possibility of it happening regardless.

You want to run reliable antivirus software that scans, identifies, and deals with the threats. Remember that even if a virus appears insignificant, it can still snowball out of control and cause serious issues to the MacBook’s performance which will affect your gaming experience. 

Clean the Dust 

The last bit of advice is about cleaning the dust inside a MacBook. Because the process is complicated, many users ignore the issue and let the dust accumulate. They do not want to risk taking the MacBook apart to clean it properly because of potential hardware damage.

The risks are understandable, but you cannot ignore the issue. If you do not want to do the work yourself, find someone who can and pay them. A computer service shop should have someone who can help you.

Cleaning the dust will do more than just prevent overheating and increase the performance while playing video games. You will also not hear that annoying noise caused by the filth clogging the internal computer fans, which comes as an extra benefit given how distracting the noise is. Not to mention the anxiety it gives because you understand that not all is right with a computer that is making a loud noise.

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