How to get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers (August 2022) Latest Update!


The main other top-level breathing capacity in Project Slayers separated from Water is Thunder Breathing. It is an extremely deadly breathing procedure when joined with any semblance of Kamado or Agatsuma families. To get the strong Thunder Breathing capacity, you first need to arrive at least level 12, trailed by finishing a rundown of preparing journeys set by your coach, Jigoro Kuwajima.

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What are the prerequisites to get a Thunder Breathing style in Project Slayers?

To begin preparing for Thunder Breathing, you really want to tick off the accompanying prerequisite.

  • Reach a minimum of level 12 on your account.
  • Save and pay a fee of 5K Wen for training.

Where is the Thunder Breathing trainer located in Project Slayers?

The Thunder Breathing mentor, Jigoro Kuwajima, is available on Zapiwara Mountain. You can contact him by following the given guide reference.

  • Start from the northern entrance of your Safe zone Village.
  • Travel towards the northwestern direction from the village till you find a big tree.
  • Start climbing the mountains to move towards the top on the same northwestern side of the map. 
  • You will reach Zapiwara Mountain after reaching the top of the terrain.
  • Find the thunder-breathing trainer at the entrance of the only building on the top of the mountain.

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All training quests for getting Thunder Breathing style in Project Slayers

Note: Players can arrive at the area of every one of the journeys by following the waymarker on the screen.

Pay a charge of 5K Wen to your mentor and begin the accompanying preparation journeys.

  • Increment go for the gold: Play and complete the point preparing small game by clicking quick on the generating objects.
  • Contemplate and lung preparing journey: Train your lungs to pause your breathing significantly longer by intervening. Finish the goal by finishing the little QTE-based scaled down game.
  • Push-Up Training: Similar to the past goal, this likewise includes you playing a small scale game. The small scale game includes you squeezing buttons in a convenient style.
  • Evade Thunder: Dodge shock electrical discharges from the sky by squeezing your avoid/jump button.
  • Rout Zanegutsu Kuuchie: The last mission on the rundown is to overcome the Zanegustu Kuuchie chief. He is a quite hard chief and will need the support of your companions to bring him down. In the event that you are playing solo, attempt to remain nearby him and execute air combos. You will get the capacity in the wake of bringing him down.

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