Where to find the Electroculus between Shirikoro Peak and Chirai Shrine in Genshin Impact? (August 2022) Complete Details!

The quest for Genshin Impact’s multitude of Electroculi can be very disappointing, particularly as some are in a real sense taken cover behind walls. While investigating the underground ruin underneath Shirikoro Peak, you could recognize an Electroculus symbol in your scaled down map some place at the midpoint among Shirikoro and Chirai Shrine. This is the way to find that obstinate Electroculus.

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The most easy method to find the Electroculus under Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact

Make a beeline for Shirikoro Peak and bounce down until you arrive at the underground ruin. After entering, follow the way and enter the round entry, and you’ll be welcomed by an enormous clearing with an obliterated vault structure. Hop down to arrive at the area with two Ruin Sentinels and two Relay Stone riddles.

Make a beeline for the Relay Stone riddle on the left side and take a gander at the wall before it — you’ll find a cutting that seems to be the Thunderbird. Prepare the Peculiar Pinion Gadget and enact it before the wall cutting to break the wall and uncover a secret entry, uncovering the Electroculus.

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Aside from getting the Electroculus nearby, separating the wall likewise adds to a Hidden Achievement called A Tale of Two Cities.

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