Anime Fighters Simulator (August 2022) How to get Mythical Pity?

Anime Fighters Simulator is an entrancing anime-propelled game on Roblox brimming with experience, gathering, and battling. You want to open the mightiest warriors to use in your fights in the different areas of the world and testing supervisor prisons. As you cross through the gateways to new regions, you will gather all the more impressive contenders and can take a stab at opening high unique case ones, like the Mythical warriors. On the off chance that your karma is falling flat you actually haven’t figured out how to get your Mythical warrior, relax! You can get a Mythical contender for nothing with the Mythical Pity specialist.

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The most easy method to get a Mythical Pity warrior in Anime Fighters Simulator

Open Fighters

To get Mythical Pity, you should open heaps of warriors. Search for the Star platforms in any of the universes you have opened. The Stars are where you can open warriors for Yen, so be certain you have a lot of it set aside, particularly on the off chance that you intend to attempt this in the higher-positioned regions. The warriors get more costly to open as you travel up the rundown.

Fill up the Pity meter

You should top off the Pity meter seen at the highest point of your screen as you’re opening warriors. On the off chance that you haven’t yet arrived at your Legendary Pity, you should finish that prior to climbing to the Mythical Pity. Remember every area has its own meter, so topping it off in one spot won’t move over to any of the others. To top off this Mythical Pity meter, you really want to open 7.5K contenders. You will require a lot of Yen, space in your rucksack, and be ready to continue to open many contenders until that meter is filled. When you arrive at the sum required, you will consequently open a Mythical contender.

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Opening contenders for Pity can be an exceptionally monotonous and slow drudgery. Guarantee you have the Auto-Open went on to make it somewhat quicker of a cycle. You can press the Q button on your console at a Star platform to start it and afterward press Stop to drop. You can open up to 100 warriors all at once without interference.

Buy Multi-Opens

One more method for making this cycle a little faster is to buy the Multi Open pass, which will permit you to open piles of contenders, at least five, immediately. You can purchase this in the Shop on the left half of your screen or straight through the Star platform. This will empower you to top off that meter a lot quicker however will cost you R$ 799.

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Buy Fast Open

Like the Multi-Open, you can likewise buy the Fast Open pass, which will twofold the speed of opening warriors. This cost somewhat not exactly the Multi Open at R$ 399 in the Shop or the Star platform. Ideally, it will permit you to guarantee that Mythical contender in a matter of moments.

This is the means by which you can get your Mythical contender without depending on karma to do it for you.

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