Loni Willison: Jeremy Jackson’s Ex Wearing Expensive Apple Watch After Being Homeless! (August 2022) Latest Details


BAYWATCH star Jeremy Jackson’s down and out ex Loni Willison has been spotted wearing an expensive Apple observe paying little heed to pushing a truck shoeless during an excursion.

In specific photos gained by The Sun, Loni, 39, appeared, apparently, to be scavaging for things left along the streets of Venice Beach, California. The past wellbeing model gave off an impression of being messed as she wore a sleeveless dull coat and matching cap.

She was unimaginably spotted wearing an Apple watch during the journey. She no longer games her long blonde locks from her heyday. While pulling up the truck across the street, the ex-swimsuit model investigated the rubbish remains and put them in her white pack.

TO the remainder of the world she continued with the ‘superb life’ where she was hitched to a well off Hollywood star and graced the fronts of health magazines.

However, it wasn’t as it showed up and by and by ex-swimwear model Loni Willison, 38, has been snapped pulling her normal possessions in a trolley following being dejected for quite a while.

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The Swimwear Model Was the Encapsulation of Wellness When the Pair Marry

It followed a jumbled division from Baywatch performer Jeremy Jackson quite a while ago and nitty gritty drug and alcohol abuse, which she denied.

Loni is as of now unrecognizable from her charm blonde shocker snaps as she walked the streets puffing a cigarette and rummaging in the compartments for food.

The photographs highlight the model’s horrendous quick rot directly following losing her business and her home, and sidestepping offers of help.

Amazingly, she once ensured she makes herself look as dirty as possible to do whatever it takes not to be genuinely mistreated in the city.

A long time back, she told The Sun: “I can experience in isolation. I have all that I need here. Nobody really regularly ponders me and I would prefer not to see them, they would prefer not to see me.”

Tanked Pushes and Asserted Assault

Exactly when Loni and Jeremy got the pack on a Californian sea side in 2012, donning white and flanked by their snow-white canine, the pair looked the like a conclusive Hollywood couple.

Californian Jeremy, by and by 41, had found prevalence as Hobie Buchanan, the offspring of David Hasselhoff’s lifeguard Mitch, at 11 years of age and expected the part until he was 18, leaving in 1999.

Loni, furthermore from California, was the amazing model who graced the front of health magazines in small dynamic clothing and swimming outfits.

Rounds of privileged pathway appearances followed and they radiated an impression of being wildly charmed.

However, Jeremy, a past youngster star, at this point had a foundation set apart by persistent medication use, which had begun during his experience as a youth on Baywatch.

He had been caught for collecting methamphetamine, at 19, had consumed 90 days in jail for possession and completed five stretches in recuperation.

While they were by all accounts the ideal couple according to an outer viewpoint, the picture covertly was not precisely rosy.

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The Marriage Plummeted Into Alcohol Fuelled Contentions and, in August 2014, Police Were Called to Their Home After Jeremy Purportedly Went After Loni.

She later declared he stifled and beat her, leaving her with two broken ribs, a hurt neck and scratches everywhere and body anyway she decided not to press charges.

The pair split straight after the alleged attack, which she uncovered exclusively after her ex entered the Celebrity Big Brother house a year sometime later, in 2015.

Be that as it may, it hailed the start of Loni’s mental prosperity issues and dropping winding.

“It took me more than two months to recover suitably,” she said. “I ended up passing on my work environment as an accomplice to a plastic subject matter expert and I couldn’t work out or take on any exhibiting position.

“I didn’t go out with partners or do anything – I was in a very horrendous spot.” She was just yards from VIP houses, including the £5million home of Ben Affleck.

Tending to The Sun, she said: “I haven’t tended to Jeremy. I would prefer not to address my buddies, I’m doing okay. I don’t really accept that anyone ought to help me.”

She added: “I haven’t got a PDA. I have food and I have a spot to rest. I get money by and large and there’s food in the canisters and near the stores. There’s parts here.”

Numerous frantic Americans live in tents on or near Venice Beach, and the situation has disintegrated beginning from the start of the pandemic.

He sat inactive. It was futile to him. He didn’t give a s***. It was stunning, sickening

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Compact Latrines and Water Stations Have Been Positioned To Help the Destitute

In the latest stunning pictures, Loni is seen eating on a pizza she found in a repository and granting it to a nearby squirrel.

Wearing long socks, fishnet stockings and a denim coat, the past model takes a truck overflowing with pieces of clothing and bedding behind her. While Loni is at this point drawing in her addictions her ex, as of now 41, is sorting out some way to stay clean and is presently the primary figure in LA’s health scene, posting musclebound pictures on his Instagram page.

He has wouldn’t comment on his ex’s circumstance when asked on previous occasions anyway another ex, Cindy Kovacs, walloped the performer for declining to help Loni after their split in 2014. She told the Sun: “It’s genuinely hopeless what happened to Loni and she never got the help she truly cares about.

“He sat inactive. It was essentially useless to him. He didn’t give a s**t. It was stunning, disgusting.”

The new pictures will convey pain to the amigos, as Kristen, who really care about the past model.

Ideally they lead to Loni getting the help she so quickly needs.


Where Could Loni Willison Presently Be?

Ex of “Baywatch” Star, Loni Willison is Now Living as Homeless Person. The 38-year-old Loni Willison looks unrecognizable in her latest picture as she rummages through trash receptacles for food. The past model and mate of Jeremy Willison, who’s down and out now, was before long seen in Los Angeles.

Where Could Jeremy Jackson Presently Be?

Jeremy, who at present capabilities as a wellness mentor, shared a movement of photos of him during his experience as Hobie, and a piece of the ongoing day.

How Did Loni Willison Get Dependent on Drugs?

She encountered a mental episode, leaving her unfit to work. Her shortfall of resources suggested she fell into commitment and, in 2016, she lost her rented space and would at absolutely no point in the future bear to keep her vehicle. Ending up in the city, she cultivated a reliance on pearl meth and her mental wellbeing debilitated.


On March 1, 2022, Jeremy Jackson’s ex Loni Willison was spotted on March 1, 2022, in the city of Los Angeles, rummaging through trash receptacles shoeless. The Baywatch star’s ex has been down and out for very nearly six years now, and was actually spotted by the Daily Mail in Venice, California.

The past swimsuit model was snapped pushing a truck stacked up with her belongings as she made stops at trash bins for looking for food in the sea side city. The past model wore a denim coat, a backward cap, leggings, tied fleece shirt around the midsection, and a different scarf.

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