Roblox BedWars Penguin Survival update log and patch notes (August 2022) Latest Update!


The new Roblox BedWars update brings an assortment of new happy including balance changes, things, and an assortment of bug fixes to the game.

The BedWars Penguin Survival update has been delivered for Roblox BedWars on July 22nd, 2022! Check whether you can get by against the penguins briefly time! You will likewise find new packs for the week, map changes, some adjusting, and various fixes for the game. Find each of the subtleties in the update log from the designers!

Look at our BedWars Commands List post to realize each of the orders accessible in the game! You can find all of the authority fix notes from the Discord underneath.

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Penguin Survival (Return of the Penguins)

The Penguins are back! Battle floods of penguins in the better than ever Penguin Survival Limited Time Mode!

Play this mode something like once to get the restrictive “Penguin Deal With It” act out!

Penguin Survival Badges (LIMITED TIME)

Triumph Badge: Survive past wave 10.

  • Comes with “Penguin King Trophy” emote

Hard Mode Badge: Survive past wave 10 while taking less than 100 dmg and dealing more than 3000 dmg.

  • Comes with “Penguin Punch” emote

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Free Kits of the Week

  • Barbarian
  • Archer
  • Lassy

Map Changes

  • Added Themepark (squads + duos)
  • Added Trench (squads)
  • Added Ruins (duos)
  • Added Mill (squads)
  • Added Fusion (duos)
  • Removed Spring (30v30)

Balance Changes

Attack Heli: Increased pitch angle & decreased explosion impact

Other Changes

  • Mobile: added first person crosshair
  • Fixed party invites not working for players who just joined
  • Map Saves: Fixed certain block types not saving
  • Map Saves: Improved map save speeds
  • Settings: Separated the background music sliders for lobby & game music.
  • Host Panel: Added a toggle under the map tab “Ignore Build Restricted Regions”
  • Host Panel: Fixed the bed break host panel toggle
  • Custom Matches: New command to generate a flat square of blocks from your character’s location /edit flat

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